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NRA Fires Back At Delta Airline CEO

Posted by M. C. on May 2, 2018

Few people even use the NRA discount. Delta’s political pandering is costing it big time.

Instead, all Delta’s getting is some accolades from people who already hate them and will soon hate them all over again because it’s a big company and these people will always hate big companies. Bastian doesn’t seem to get that. Sooner or later, the anti-gunners will hate you for something else you did that they didn’t approve of, even if it has nothing to do with guns.

But the Second Amendment advocates have a longer memory. We tend to not get as distracted by shiny objects. Once you earn our enmity, you keep it.

Seriously, some people still won’t buy a Smith & Wesson because previous ownership signed a deal with the Clinton administration. Do you think we’re going to forget the middle finger Delta gave us? Not likely.

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