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F-35 Stealth Jet At Risk Of Falling Behind China And Russia Defenses, Panel Says | ZeroHedge

Posted by M. C. on September 18, 2021

We pointed out the stealth jet has 871 software and hardware flaws that could affect combat operations. Ten out of those issues are considered potentially serious issues

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The House Armed Services Committee warned that Lockheed Martin Corp.’s F-35 Lightning II stealth fighter jet, the world’s most expensive weapons system, may underperform against Chinese and Russian air defense systems, according to Bloomberg. The panel also pointed out the fighter’s exorbitant program costs. The defense committee called into question “overly aggressive development and production schedules” that for more than two decades have resulted “in longer schedules and much higher costs than planned to realize less than full warfighting capabilities required by the Department of Defense.”

It said adversaries pose “near-peer” challenges that could threaten the F-35s existence on the modern battlefield. It warned it’s “uncertain as to whether or not the F-35 aircraft can sufficiently evolve to meet the future expected threat in certain geographical areas of operations in which combat operations could occur.” No adversaries were named, but we’re assuming the committee is pointing to China and Russia as they quickly advance radar systems, fifth-generation fighter jets, and hypersonic weapons. The committee also expressed that the F-35 has yet to prove dominance against simulated Russian and Chinese air defense systems. The simulation has yet to be completed and was delayed last December, initially planned for 2017. We pointed out the stealth jet has 871 software and hardware flaws that could affect combat operations. Ten out of those issues are considered potentially serious issues. Even though the F-35 is wired with problems, the committee continues to support the nearly $400 billion acquisition program in its latest version of the fiscal 2022 defense policy bill. Taxpayers can expect to pay upwards of $1.5 trillion over the plane’s total lifetime (through 2070). Norm Singleton via The Mises Institute called the F-35 program a terrible investment as it makes “America less safe by spending us into bankruptcy:” 

The F-35 program is expected to cost well over $1 trillion when it is fully operational and deployed. That massive investment will serve to enrich government contractors while giving interventionist politicians an offensive weapon of war. This program was created as a “too big to fail” scheme where once the government starts the process of making these fighter jets, they will have spent so much money that they can’t back away. The F-35 program is a bad deal for the taxpayer while promoting a policy that will make these same taxpayers less safe.

The main takeaway is that America’s global air dominance is whittling away due to bad investments.  

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US F-35 destroyed in apparent first-ever crash for the stealth jet | The Times of Israel

Posted by M. C. on September 30, 2018

Launched in the early 1990s, the F-35 program is considered the most expensive weapons system in US history,

And it still doesn’t work. The helmet cost $400K three years ago. That has likely gone up.

Multiple Marine Corps F-35s struck Taliban targets in Afghanistan. Defending US by attacking someone that never attacked US.

by AFP and TOI staff

Marine Corps pilot ejects unharmed in North Carolina training accident; cause of crash not clear; Israel operates 12 of the advanced planes

WASHINGTON — A US F-35 fighter was completely destroyed in a crash while training Friday, officials said. The pilot safely ejected.

The crash appears to be the first of its kind for the troubled F-35 program, marking an unfortunate moment for the most expensive plane in history. Read the rest of this entry »

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Watchdog Slams F-35 Program for Taking Shortcuts That Could Harm Troops |

Posted by M. C. on September 3, 2018

While the open items are important to resolve, they represent no imminent impact to safety of flight or key performance parameters. … Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin and the pentagram vs the rest of the aircraft world.

It’s slow, it’s awkward, it’s heavy, it’s range is short requiring carriers to be closer to those land based carrier killer cruise missiles, the Marine version is the low wing area USAF model therefore no low speed close support.

$Billions in cost overruns.

It’s a disaster. But it keeps the MIBC pockets lined.

The Pentagon is downplaying major F-35 Joint Strike Fighter design flaws that could leave service members at risk in an effort to keep the long-scrutinized program on schedule, a watchdog group warned this week.

A military review board met in June to look at some of the F-35’s deficiencies. The group downgraded 19 serious problems without a clear plan to fix them all, according to a new report from the Project on Government Oversight, an independent nonpartisan watchdog that exposes government waste, fraud and abuse.

Before the June meeting, POGO reported, the 19 problems had been labeled Category I deficiencies, meaning they “may cause death, severe injury, or severe occupational illness; may cause loss or major damage to a weapon system; critically restrict the combat readiness capabilities of the using organization; or result in a production line stoppage.” Read the rest of this entry »

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