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Human Respect: Beneath the obvious is a profound principle – The Exit Network

Posted by M. C. on June 3, 2021

The Exit Network

At The Exit Network, we consistently point the way towards Human Respect. This article explains a philosophy that’s based on a natural law, meaning you can test it.

Do you believe Americans are achieving maximum human happiness? Are we enjoying a time of heightened harmony? Is everyone able to access the paths to prosperity?

These three items are important to a healthy society. Happiness, Harmony, and Prosperity are the big three flourishing factors.

If you just answered “No” to those questions, then it’s hard to say that political action has worked. After all, every election includes campaign promises to improve our flourishing. So let’s put aside politics for a moment and ponder this question…

Woman climbing steps towards the light: Beneath the obvious is a profound principle.
Beneath the obvious is a profound principle.

You might think “the other side” is “twisted.” But do you recognize that those people want to increase flourishing? Their methods may be wrong, but can you see that both you and they want to ensure happiness and make the world a better place?

If your answer is “Yes,” then…

How do we elevate those flourishing factors?

Where do we begin?


If you could identify some factor that was repeatedly reducing happiness, social peace, and abundance, would you want to stop it?

Like, if you swing a hammer at a nail but instead hit your thumb, do you fix the problem by swinging harder, or should you stop swinging?

The thing reducing our flourishing is harm. On a social basis, you and I are particularly concerned about basic injuries, as in…

  1. Does any individual feel increased happiness when someone launches a violent attack against them?
  2. Does any person’s happiness increase when they are subjected to theft, fraud, or vandalism?

The answer is, “Of course not.” Those two examples might seem obvious, yet they’re often dangerously overlooked.

These two injuries are our primary concern. Our ability to thrive may meet other impediments. But we cannot even begin to achieve our full potential without the basic ability to be secure in our person and property. In other words…

It’s impossible for you to increase your happiness while someone else is busy destroying it.

Read that sentence again, it’ll become important. As obvious as it is, most people believe they can make exceptions to it.

What is happiness?

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