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Pentagon Now Says 50 Suffered Brain Injuries in January 8 Iran Missile Attack – News From

Posted by M. C. on January 29, 2020

There was advanced warning, troops were in bunkers, why the injuries?

Could it be that if no one was hurt it would harder to justify reprisal, didn’t fit the plan?

Starting with the official declaration that there were “no casualties,” the number of people suffering traumatic brain injuries in January 8’s missile attack against Iraq’s Ayn al-Asad base has continued to grow, and the Pentagon now says 50 soldiers were injured.

This is an increase from the 34 injured reported just days. The Pentagon says that 15 of the 50 were diagnosed since they made the 34 announcement. They say it is not unusual for concussion symptoms to take awhile to present.

Of the 50, the Pentagon says 31 of them were treated within Iraq and have returned to duty already, while 18 others were sent to Germany for further evaluation and treatment. Another was sent to Germany for unrelated reasons and got symptoms while there.

The mounting casualties have been an issue in no small part because President Trump insisted there were no injuries, and then derided the reports as just “headaches.” Veterans groups were deeply critical, as brain injuries are rapidly growing, and the military has struggled to treat them.

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