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“Justin Trudeau Is A Narcissist” Jordan Peterson Reacts To Justin Trudeau

Posted by M. C. on May 14, 2022

Dr. Peterson reacts to Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s remarks on swastikas and confederate flags during the trucker protests, dubbing him a narcissist better fit for Broadway than Parliament Hill.

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Jordan Peterson Q&A At The University Of Cambridge (Lady Mitchell Hall)

Posted by M. C. on April 11, 2022

Peterson’s vision of our future in the first 9 minutes. Note this was pre-Ukraine invasion by Russia (but post US instigated coup).

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bionic mosquito: Back in the Game

Posted by M. C. on January 31, 2022

bionic mosquito

When Jordan Peterson first came back to the public spotlight after his illness, he was slow to engage again on some of the topics that brought him to the fore during his first big wave.  This, of course, is understandable given what he apparently went through with his illness.  However, it was clear that the lack of his voice would be detrimental to exposing the underlying causes of the meaning crisis and resultant convulsions in the West.

This was most sorely missed in the context of the insanity behind everything covid.  Unlike Bret Weinstein, who began speaking out against many of the policies and reactions to this not-a-plague, Peterson was quiet.

This has changed.  In the last couple of months, there were signs of his re-awakening.  I recall a clip – I don’t remember from where – where he said something like “well, perhaps shame on me, but I took your damn vaccine.  Why won’t you leave me alone?”

Recently he was on Joe Rogan.  More than four hours, and I will summarize – not from the video, but from the first items that come up on a google search:

  • Scientists slam climate denialism from Jordan Peterson as ‘absurd’ – CNN
  • Jordan Peterson on Joe Rogan’s Podcast echoes the lunacy of Netflix’s ‘Don’t Look Up’ – Forbes (I have no idea what the show is about)
  • Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson eviscerated by experts for ‘whackadoo’ and ‘deadly’ interview on climate crisis – YAHOO!News
  • Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan Wax Idiotic on Climate Change and Race – Rolling Stone
  • Joe Rogan guest Jordan Peterson says being trans is a ‘contagion’ – NY Post
  • Jordan Peterson on Joe Rogan is DAMAGING – You Tube

I do recall reading that Peterson also poked at the entire covid narrative in this interview, but even when I added the word “covid” to the search, only one item came up in the first couple of pages.

Peterson recently released a discussion he had with Brian Peckford, entitled “Canadian Constitutional Crisis.”  From the show notes:

Brian Peckford and I discussed his reentry to the political arena after denouncing the Canadian Government for infringements on the Canadian Charter of Rights–a document he played a key role in drafting. In this intense conversation, Peckford outlines a combined plan of action against the Canadian Government over their COVID-19 response and ongoing use of power.

Starting his career as an educator, the Honorable Brian Peckford then served as the premier of Newfoundland and Labrador for nearly a decade. He is also an author, former minister, and notable member of the PC Party.

Peckford was directly involved, forty years ago, in the drafting of and agreement to the Canadian Charter of Rights.  So he has some idea of both the spirit and letter of the document.  He is filing a lawsuit in Canadian court regarding the government’s actions, specifically focused on the violation of the Charter on the point of freedom of association.

I won’t summarize the video, other than to say Peckford is very well read on the nonsensical (so-called) science behind the political reactions to covid.  Oh, and apparently Justin Trudeau’s father Pierre, who was also Prime Minister during the passing of the Canadian Charter, was as big a snake as Justin is.

There are a couple of quibbles I have with the comments, but overall both Peterson and Peckford have their eyes open.

The video is about an hour and twenty minutes.  It seems it was so important for Peterson to release it quickly that there was zero editing – there is nothing polished about the production.  This was by design, as will be explained in the opening – which captures the pre-planning of the video.


When Peterson first returned to the scene about a year ago, I noted, with understanding, his timidity.  It seems he is now finding the strength to break free of this.

Be seeing you

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Why Jordan Peterson Quit Academia | Mises Wire

Posted by M. C. on January 27, 2022

Michael Rectenwald

Woke supremacy has been taking a toll on Western civilization. The casualties of wokeness are too many and sundry to track. But we should not forget that wokeness was first germinated in higher education, from whence it metastasized to the wider social body. The academy is the cathedral pulpit from which the ideological dictates of the elite flow downward to the hoi polloi.

According to David Acevedo of the National Association of Scholars, hundreds of North American academics have been subjected to cancel culture to date, including yours truly. And the number continues to grow. This is to say nothing about the curriculum, which has suffered excisions of canonical works from literature and philosophy and the denunciation of correct answers in math, among many other abominations.

Now woke ideology has led to the resignation of the most famous academic alive: the psychologist, best-selling author, and public intellectual Jordan Peterson, who announced in the National Post his decision to retire from his position as tenured full professor at the University of Toronto.

Peterson cites two main reasons for his resignation. The first involves his otherwise bad conscience regarding graduate students. For one, his white cis-hetero grad students are unlikely to land academic jobs due to the explicit discrimination that white males face in the academic job market.

I can attest to this fact, having served on hiring committees that set aside top-notch candidates who happened to be white males in favor of far less qualified and sometimes utterly unqualified comers whose membership in “marginalized” identity categories was their most distinguishing qualification. Adding insult to injury, academic job applicants must now submit “diversity” statements in which they swear allegiance to so-called diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), or diversity, inclusion, and equity (DIE), despite the ideology’s discriminatory function and, in the case of those from “dominant” identity categories, the likelihood that it diminishes their own prospects.

Furthermore, given Peterson’s association with the alt-right and white nationalism by hysterics in the media and the academic Left, his graduate students face even more discrimination than usual. Basically, any intellectual that opposes communism and third-wave feminism is dubbed a Nazi and a misogynist by academic leftists, and Peterson is no exception. Yet the public mischaracterizations and libelous accusations have been particularly egregious in his case.

The second reason Peterson gives for his retirement is generalized disgust with the DIE ideology and its erosion of academic standards. Peterson simply wants nothing further to do with the woke hegemony and has come to regard continued association with the university as tantamount to complicity with the woke regime.

In addition to academia, Peterson also pans Hollywood and the corporate world. The selection of actors in Hollywood is based on identity rather than excellence. The same goes for screenplays and the granting of awards. In every respect, the criteria for success have been utterly corrupted by DIE ideology.

Peterson also calls out the corporate world for its compliance with wokeness. Why, he asks, do capitalist companies accede to woke dictates? I’ve given my own explanation for this elsewhere. Wokeness serves as a demarcation device, a shibboleth for identifying cartel members and distinguishing them from the nonwoke competitors, who are to be starved of capital investments.

Peterson rightly calls the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) index a Chinese-style social credit score for corporations, a characterization that I drew several months ago and most recently in an essay on the Great Reset published in November 2021. The collectivist planners use the ESG index to squeeze nonwoke players out of the market and to drive ownership and control of production away from the noncompliant. The ESG score is an admissions ticket for entry into the woke cartels.

In addition to these objects of Peterson’s ire, we might also bemoan the woke infiltration of the media, professional sports, the music business, the fashion industry, advertising, book publishing, live theater, museum curation, and even religious belief and expression. Wokeness, in fact, is a religion in its own right. It has pervaded nearly every aspect of culture and society, subverting, displacing, and rendering obsolete and anathema the once cherished values of nearly all our institutions.

Where academia is concerned, the water has long since gone under the bridge. The West has been undergoing a ghoulish cultural revolution for several years, replete with struggle meetings and self-criticism sessions. Academia not only generated this cultural revolution but was the site first ravaged by it. Higher education is long gone, and Peterson’s retirement from it is somewhat anticlimactic. Nevertheless, given his intellectual prominence, Peterson’s resignation represents a high-water mark for the ravages wrought by DIE ideology on our society. Author:

Contact Michael Rectenwald

Michael Rectenwald is the author of eleven books, including Thought Criminal, Beyond Woke, Google Archipelago, and Springtime for Snowflakes.

Be seeing you

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D-I-E must DIE

Posted by M. C. on January 20, 2022

This is a reading of my recent article, posted January 11th, 2022 on the National Post front page. You can read that article here:… This story will also be featured in the next print edition of the National Post.

Be seeing you

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BREAKING: Jordan Peterson resigns from full professorship position at U of Toronto | The Post Millennial

Posted by M. C. on January 20, 2022

Peterson says his white male students are likely going to be unable to find work in their fields despite being highly qualified.

Dr. Jordan Peterson has resigned from his tenured post at the University of Toronto. The reason for the resignation is that “the appalling ideology of diversity, inclusion is demolishing education and business.”

In an essay in the National Post, Peterson details his reasons. He said that he “loved” his job, and had a good rapport with students. While he states that he “can now teach many more people and with less interference online,” additional reasons include:

His white male students are likely going to be unable to find work in their fields, despite being highly qualified which Peterson wrote is “partly because of Diversity, Inclusivity and Equity mandates.” Peterson, who calls this “DIE” as opposed to the DEI that is commonly seen, said that these dictates, as well as the fact that he is an “academic persona non grata” make it difficult to try and education students while knowing “their employment prospects to be minimal”.

Peterson believes that these “DIE” initiatives will create “a generation of researchers utterly unqualified for the job. And we’ve seen what that means already in the horrible grievance studies “disciplines.” That, combined with the death of objective testing, has compromised the universities so badly that it can hardly be overstated. And what happens in the universities eventually colours everything.”

DIE initiatives, he writes, lead to students and researchers alike lying to get grants. “All my craven colleagues must craft DIE statements to obtain a research grant. They all lie (excepting the minority of true believers) and they teach their students to do the same. And they do it constantly, with various rationalizations and justifications, further corrupting what is already a stunningly corrupt enterprise,” he writes.

He takes aim at Canadian academic regulations, gender ideology legislation, and the identitarian ethos as a whole.

“We are now at the point where race, ethnicity, ‘gender,’ or sexual preference is first, accepted as the fundamental characteristic defining each person (just as the radical leftists were hoping) and second, is now treated as the most important qualification for study, research and employment,” he writes.

“Need I point out that this is insane?”

“And it’s not just the universities. And the professional colleges. And Hollywood. And the corporate world,” he goes on to say in the National Post.

He calls out colleagues who tolerate this, and anyone else who goes along with these “insane” dictates to get along. For Peterson’s part, he’ll have no more of it.

Be seeing you

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It’s Time to Live

Posted by M. C. on January 15, 2022

It’s mid January, 2022. I wrote this column this week for one of Canada’s major newspapers, the National Post, and thought I’d read it for those of you who want to watch or listen. Link to National Post article:…

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Watch “Jordan Peterson: The collapse of our values is a greater threat than climate change | Off Script” on YouTube

Posted by M. C. on November 30, 2021

“We are failing to realize our intrinsic value”

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Watch “A Wing and a Prayer” on YouTube

Posted by M. C. on November 26, 2021

Be seeing you

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Jordan Peterson hammers ‘totalitarian’ Covid rules — RT World News

Posted by M. C. on November 15, 2021

Jordan Peterson took the vaccine to appease the mob, and now the mob won’t leave him alone. The lesson we should all take from this is very clear: never EVER violate your own principles to appease a bloody mob!

Controversial psychologist Jordan Peterson has hammered the “totalitarian state” he says has emerged in response to Covid-19, angrily wondering why he ever got vaccinated if the state still won’t leave him in peace.

“I thought, all right, I’ll get the damn vaccine. But, here’s the deal, guys: I’ll get the vaccine and you f***ing leave me alone!” Peterson told podcast host Dave Rubin on Wednesday.

“And did that work? No. So, stupid me, you know?” he exclaimed. “It’s like, why did I get the vaccine then, if you’re not going to leave me alone?”

“Here’s the deal, I got vaccinated, you fucking leave me alone.” —- A fired up @jordanbpeterson joined me this week.Full hour up early on @OnLocals:— Dave Rubin (@RubinReport) November 10, 2021

Though Peterson is vaccinated, like all Canadians he is still subject to Covid-19 testing when he travels between Canada and the US, and is still required to mask up indoors in Ontario, where he lectures at the University of Toronto. Canadians who aren’t vaccinated are prohibited from flying out of the country.

“My father isn’t vaccinated. He decided not to, partly because they were telling him he had to,” Peterson explained. “In any case, it’s extraordinarily annoying to see this happening, and to then find out that there’s nothing behind it except the most instrumental and cowardly random polling is extremely disheartening and also maddening and also angering – all of those things at once.”

With the Biden administration pushing employers to enforce a controversial and potentially vaccine mandate despite a court order freezing the rule, Peterson told Rubin that he was surprised by “how rapidly we stampeded to imitate a totalitarian state in the immediate aftermath of the release of Covid.”

Some commenters watching Peterson’s interview noted a certain irony in the prominent dissident getting vaccinated to “appease the mob” and regain his freedom, then being surprised when his freedom wasn’t given back.

Full respect to Jordan Peterson. But we’ve known that a vaccine won’t give us our Freedoms back.— Melissa 🗣 (@MelissaLMRogers) November 10, 2021

Jordan Peterson took the vaccine to appease the mob, and now the mob won’t leave him alone. The lesson we should all take from this is very clear: never EVER violate your own principles to appease a bloody mob!— Freedom of Speech UK (@BelleWebVideo) November 10, 2021

“Why did I get the vaccine then, if you’re not gonna leave me alone?”- Jordan PetersonAnother case of a “smart” person who doesn’t understand freedom cannot be taken, only given up. These people are unreal.— 🎅🏻 Saint Nick G 🎅🏻 (@drnickgreiner) November 10, 2021

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