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While Serving Warrant on the WRONG Person, Police Execute Teen as He Slept on the Couch

Posted by M. C. on January 30, 2022

Matt Agorist

Las Vegas, NV — If you were to read the local news sites in Las Vegas earlier this month, you would think that police — while saving the public from a dangerous murderer — were ambushed and two of them were shot, barely escaping with their lives. The “shooter’s” face, plastered on news sites, telling the public that he fired 18 shots at officers before they finally and heroically killed him. But Isaiah Tyree Williams wasn’t so much a shooter as he was a victim of police violence. Their badges do nothing to change this reality.

After police executed Williams in his own home, a report from a local CBS affiliate read as follows, “Police said the shooter, 19-year-old Isaiah Tyree Williams, opened fire when officers broke a window and entered the apartment near Nellis Boulevard and Vegas Valley Drive at about 5 a.m. on Monday.”

But the question is this: does defending your home from armed intruders make you a “shooter”?

Had Williams been accused or suspected of a crime, perhaps police may have been more justified in their actions. However, he was not. Williams was not the person police were looking for and thanks to their brutal incompetence, two cops are recovering from bullet wounds and a black teenager is dead.

On that early morning raid, police were looking for 23-year-old Wattsel Rembert who was not staying at that apartment. Rembert is accused of participating in a shooting at a casino back in November. Instead of simply arresting Rembert in a normal manner, police chose to dangerously show up in the middle of the night, bash in doors, throw flash bang grenades, and put everyone involved in danger.

During the raid, Williams, who was asleep on the sofa when armed intruders broke into his home, began firing after a flashbang grenade smashed through his window. Police answered back with their AR-15s and pistols, firing 23 shots into the teen’s body — executing him on the sofa. He was still under the blanket when he died.

Two of the armed intruders, Officer Kerry Kubla, 50, and Officer Brice Clements, 36 were injured in the shooting.

After the shooting, police held a press conference, during which they demonized Williams, rattling off all the charges Williams would have faced for defending himself in his own home against armed intruders who threw a grenade through his window as he slept.

“Had he survived,” police explained, “Williams would have been arrested on counts of attempted murder with use of a deadly weapon on a first responder; battery with a deadly weapon on a first responder, assault on a first responder and three counts of discharging a firearm into an occupied structure.”

For defending himself against armed intruders, clearly intent on doing him harm in his own home as he slept.

As you watch the video below, it is clear that police did yell, “police department, search warrant.” But they did so as they bashed in windows, set off a flash bang grenade and used a battering ram on the door.

The idea that a person — who had committed no crime — is supposed to wake up calmly as windows are breaking and grenades are exploding in their home is utterly asinine and speaks to the failed and ineffective nature of no-knock raids. Sadly, judging by the comments from Assistant Sheriff Andrew Walsh, police still think that early morning no-knock raids keep them safe.

“You have to take into consideration the danger to officers, the danger to the community if you’re ever in that area and in that neighborhood,” Walsh said. “In the early morning hours, it’s much safer for the officers and it’s much safer for the community for us to do it at that time because there are less people out.”

Had Williams not been executed and two officers shot during this raid, Walsh’s comments would be laughable. Unfortunately, however, they highlight the sheer disconnect between the reality of policing and playing warrior cop.

Exposing the entirely unnecessary nature of the raid is the fact that the actual person police were looking for, Wattsel Rembert, turned himself into police without incident.

Watch as cowboy cops in Las Vegas, Nevada serve a warrant on WRONG person; KILL HIM as he tries to figure out if he’s victim of home invasion. *Full shooting shown.

— Sarah Ashton-Cirillo (@SarahAshtonLV) January 19, 2022

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project. Follow @MattAgorist on Twitter, Steemit, and now on Minds.

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Can Las Vegas Recover from Covid? | Mises Wire

Posted by M. C. on March 31, 2021

Doug French

The Clark County Commissioners voted recently to rename McCarran Airport to Harry Reid International Airport. The vote was unanimous among those who rule the Las Vegas Strip. The public doesn’t understand why Las Vegas International Airport wouldn’t do if McCarran’s past is so perturbing. Not everyone is so wild about Harry.

There was a time when 40 million plus visitors passed through McCarran, during the boom years. But January 2021 saw visitor traffic fall 64 percent from a year ago. This sort of traffic has The Motley Fool wondering, “Are There Too Many Casinos in Las Vegas?” After all, convention traffic is nil, and “[a] concrete industry convention this summer is seen as the first real test of whether Las Vegas can come back soon,” writes Rich Dumprey. 

These days the convention center is housing covid vaccinations. The creator of the Las Vegas convention industry, Sheldon Adelson (SGA), just passed away, and had lined up a sale of all Las Vegas Sands properties before his death. LVS is all about Macau, Singapore and … Texas? That’s right, Sands money flooded into Austin in hopes of moving the legalized gaming needle, and convention business, in LVS’s direction. 


What did SGA see that the rest of the town didn’t and doesn’t? As the Fool explains, “There are around 30 casinos on the Las Vegas Strip, about two dozen more nearby (such as on Fremont Street), and dozens more elsewhere. Yet with so many gambling halls available and so few people to fill them, casino operators could delay their recovery by continuing to operate them all. Perhaps the new normal for Vegas should be fewer casinos.”

As for convection space, in a piece for, I wrote, “Las Vegas convention attendance first topped 6 million in the boom year of 2005. Since then, the number of yearly convention visitors has bounced between just short of 4.5 million in 2009 and again in 2010 … ” In 2019, 6.6 million conventioneers hit town, while in 2020 let’s just say very few arrived.

Meanwhile, the Las Vegas Convention Authority has added “1.4 million square feet to its facility, including six hundred thousand square feet of new leasable exhibit space,” supposedly because, as LVCVA chief Steve Hill said in 2019, “It’s pretty remarkable what’s going on in Las Vegas right now, but it’s in response to demand.”

Elon Musk finished an underground people mover at the LVCVA site and has been signed on to dig more tunnels.

So, SGA saw thousands of rooms to compete with and the government (LVCVA) continuing to compete with subsidized rates for conventions. You see, hotels pay the LVCVA fees to bring business to Las Vegas and with those fees are able to offer lower convention space rates. Texas doesn’t sound so crazy after all.

As for Harry’s airport, one wonders when folks will want to fill the friendly skies again. The New York Times’s Farhad Manjoo writes, “Face-to-face interactions were said to justify the $1.4 trillion spent globally on business travel in 2019. In 2020, business travel was slashed in half, our faces were stuck in screens, and yet many of the companies used to spending boatloads on travel are doing just fine.”

Manjoo gives plenty of space to the carbon footprint of the average business traveler, but, more importantly, he interviewed Darren Marble, an entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, who learned face-to-face is not all it’s cracked up to be. “Rapport is overrated,” Marble told Manjoo.

And while I may think having a carbon-neutral footprint is overrated, younger folks put it much higher on their preference scales. The Global Business Travel Association predicts business travel will return to 2019 levels by 2025.

For Las Vegas and Reid International, 2025 won’t be soon enough.


Doug French

Douglas French is former president of the Mises Institute, author of Early Speculative Bubbles & Increases in the Money Supply, and author of Walk Away: The Rise and Fall of the Home-Ownership Myth. He received his master’s degree in economics from UNLV, studying under both Professor Murray Rothbard and Professor Hans-Hermann Hoppe.

Be seeing you

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Posted by M. C. on December 29, 2019

RE: economics She is worse than her father.

That is saying something!

Ivanka to Talk Lefty Labor and Education Points in Keynote at Vegas Consumer Electronics Convention

Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump will be on the CES 2020 keynote stage next month in Las Vegas.

She will join a keynote discussion on jobs and the future of work with Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of the Consumer Technology Assn., which produces CES. The talk is scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 7, at 2 p.m. PT in the Venetian’s Palazzo Ballroom.

Of course, it is going to be all about putting restrictions on business-employee relationships by having the government dictate some of the terms and expand government spending on various education programs.

Trump and Shapiro will discuss “employer-led strategies to reskill workers, create apprenticeships and develop K-12 STEM education programs,” according to the CTA.

She is about power, not free markets.

She is worse than her father.


Be seeing you
A Good Choice . . .: August 2011

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Mass Shootings: The Military-Entertainment Complex’s Culture of Violence Turns Deadly

Posted by M. C. on October 4, 2017

stop falling for the military industrial complex’s psychological war games.

Then there is all the money at stake.

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