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Lincoln’s Repudiation of the Declaration of Independence

Posted by M. C. on July 5, 2022

By Thomas DiLorenzo

Perhaps the biggest falsehood ever pedaled about Abraham Lincoln is that he was devoted to the principles of the Declaration of Independence.  Exactly the opposite is true; he repudiated every one of the main principles of the Declaration with his words and, more importantly, his actions.  In our time the odd and ahistorical writings of Harry Jaffa and his “Straussian” cult followers have been the primary means of spreading this enormous falsehood.  (Jaffa was neither a historian nor a philosopher but a supposed expert in “rhetoric” who spent his career writing books instructing Americans about the allegedly “real meaning” of historical documents in writings that were often either void of historical facts or flatly contradicted by them).

Contrary to what every American is taught beginning with elementary school (or sooner), Lincoln did not believe that all men are created equal.  He repeatedly denied this for his entire adult life, even announcing during one of the Lincoln/Douglas debates that “I as much as any man want the superior position” to belong to the white race.  He was proud to be a white supremacist’s white supremacist. “Before, after, and during the Lincoln-Douglas debates, in public and in private, Lincoln used the N-word,” wrote Lerone Bennett, Jr. in Forced into Glory: Abraham Lincoln’s White Dream, p. 97.

While in the Illinois legislature Lincoln supported the Illinois black codes which deprived free blacks of citizenship.  He supported the 1848 amendment to the Illinois constitution that forbade blacks from emigrating into the state.  He was the “manager” of the Illinois Colonization Society that used tax dollars to deport the small number of free blacks that lived in the state.  Until his dying day he plotted to deport all the black people out of America (See Colonization after Emancipation by Philip Magness and Sebastian Page).

Lincoln invented a bizarre new theory of the American founding to “justify” his destruction of the voluntary union of the founding fathers that was initiated by the Declaration of Independence – their declaration of secession from the British empire.  As summarized by legal/constitutional scholar James Ostrowski, Lincoln’s absurd theory was that:

  • No state may ever secede from the union for any reason.
  • If any state secedes, the federal government shall invade such state with sufficient military force to suppress the secession.
  • The federal government may require all states to raise militias to suppress the secession of their sister states.
  • After suppressing secession the federal government may rule by martial law until such time as the state(s) accepts federal supremacy.
  • The federal government may force the states to adopt new state constitutions imposed on them at gunpoint by military authorities.
  • The president may, on his own authority and without consulting any other branch of government, suspend the Bill of Rights and the writ of habeas corpus.

No state would ever have ratified the Constitution if this – Lincoln’s ridiculous and tyrannical new theory – is what the citizens of the states thought the Constitution said.

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