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‘Making Sense of Current Political Idiocies’ – RPI 17 November Update

Posted by M. C. on November 18, 2021

Ron Paul’s Amazing New Mini-Book! Dear Friends:

Ron Paul spent this year taking a hard look at some of the seemingly intractable issues of our time. Why are CEOs of major corporations, owners of major professional sports teams, and so on, embracing a Cultural Marxism and “Woke-ism” that is rejected by the majority of the US population and seems destined to have a seriously negative impact on the bottom line of the company? Why would a company manufacturing non-political goods and providing non-political services so enthusiastically embrace hyper-political agendas destined to divide and alienate? Who the heck is Larry Fink and why is he one of the greatest threats to our liberty??? The relationship of the Federal Reserve with the pro-Woke business community is crucial to understanding how the influence of Wokeism became such a powerful threat to our liberties and social order. Why is nihilism so much on the rise? How did Dostoevsky absolutely nail what we’re going through in a book written just as the Bolsheviks were preparing to spring their trap on the Russians? If nothing else, allegiance to the ‘nothingness’ of nihilism is a rather boring way to spend one’s life. How does the emergence of Wokeism, guided by Cultural Marxism, relate to the past nearly two years of Covid tyranny? Ron Paul ties it all together in a most convincing way.

As Dr. Paul makes it clear in this mini-book, we who believe in personal freedom and civil liberties are under assault from all sides. Even from places we would never expect. He wrote: “The Marxists and their philosophical allies are greatly influencing world affairs, but a resistance movement is rapidly developing.”

Yes there is a resistance growing and that is the great takeaway from this mini-book!

As you all know, we rarely hit you with traditional “fundraisers” like most organizations. We hope that our achievements speak for themselves and that people spontaneously support what we do rather than hit them over the head with financial demands all the time. That has worked very well for us to this point.

So this is not a traditional “fundraiser,” but an opportunity for us to thank you for your support of the Ron Paul Institute with a unique premium that you literally will NOT find anywhere else!

Ron Paul’s new mini-book is not currently commercially available anywhere: You can only get it from the Ron Paul Institute. We are offering you something special – a collector’s edition of Ron Paul’s latest work.

How to get this amazing new Ron Paul publication? Simply make a tax-deductible donation to his Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity! A donation of $50 will get you a “thank you” of a copy of the book. For $100 Dr. Paul will sign the book himself, making it a treasured addition to your personal collection.

The time is very limited and the supplies are very limited so act NOW! 

What to get your liberty lover for Christmas? How about a signed copy of Ron Paul’s latest – and in my view greatest – work?

What to get someone potentially interested in liberty but not yet on board to the cause? As Biden would say, “come on, man!” It’s a no-brainer: Make your contribution to the Ron Paul Institute for a “thank you” gift of Ron Paul’s TREMENDOUS new book!

And the beauty of it is you don’t have to click any buttons or send us any message: ALL donations of $50 or more will receive this gift and ALL donations of $100 or more will receive a signed copy of the book! It could not be easier.

Your donation is made on a secure page within RPI so you can donate with complete confidence.

Support Ron Paul, support his Institute for Peace and Prosperity, and own a piece of Liberty History!

Dear Ron Paul Institute and Ron Paul Liberty Report supporters: There is an illusion that the bad guys are winning, but it is a mere chimera. We are a team, we are a tribe, we are the future of liberty. And, together, our time has come! 

Thank you so very much for being a part of this growing movement!
Sincerely yours,

Daniel McAdams
Executive Director
Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity

Be seeing you

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