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“Teen Culture” is the New Imperialism, and it is Destroying the World

Posted by M. C. on June 3, 2018

School shootings, teen suicide, and low-achieving youth are products of the artificial extension of childhood, the oppression that teens face. But with this issue, is it easy for individuals to take control of the situation, and refuse to be part of the problem. You can solve these problems for your family in one generation.

I could see this as far back as my youth. There were the middle school aged kids of my neighborhood environment and there the other few. They knew about hunting, fishing, how to fix a car or drive a tractor. Some because their situation mandated it, some because there were provided the opportunity. Growing up in an adult environment is different.

As mentioned in a recent post, those of the ‘millennial culture’ are different also.

By Joe Jarvis

You know how missionaries used to run around the globe forcing everyone to be a Christian? And in the process, they destroyed native cultures and traditions?

Well, the same thing is happening today with Western “teen culture.” It is being exported around the world with disastrous effects.

Manufacturing Adolescence Read the rest of this entry »

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Army Ranger Who Survived Benghazi Shreds David Hogg Over Gun Control Tweet

Posted by M. C. on May 30, 2018

I wouldn’t normally repost this but…I like the term millennial cultureFree stuff, Sanders loving advocates of what they think is socialism.

They don’t have a clue. History starts with them. The fruit of the government school system.

by AWR Hawkins

…Paronto responded with a tweet that showed Hogg in a vagina hat and allowed the former Army Ranger to correct the record: Read the rest of this entry »

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