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We are all on Napolitano’s S List

Posted by M. C. on August 21, 2011

It won’t be long before anything with a heartbeat will on Big Sis’ S list.  If you want to be in with the DHS in-crowd a little sooner just be white and pay with cash, especially at a gun shop.   Check it out here.  If you work for CAIR or belong to the Muslim Mafia no worries.  If you are not so fortunate then consider a computer wash job after reading my blog by looking here.

Update:  DR’s comment is worth considering-

We’ve heard of the “moral majority” and the “silent majority.” You could refer to mainstream America as the compliant majority. The compliant majority will accept almost anything to preserve a society believed to hold a viable future. The bottom is hit when the compliant majority have nothing left and therefore nothing left to lose. Those perceived as fringe members are the first to be demonized. The rest are desensitized into believing that they have no heritage, no honor, and no identity.

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