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Study: Psychopaths and Narcissists Exploit Virtue-Signaling and Victimhood | The Daily Bell

Posted by M. C. on April 29, 2021

The paper is called Signaling Virtuous Victimhood as Indicators of Dark Triad Personalities.

The “dark triad personalities” are narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism.

The research found that individuals with these three traits are more likely to signal virtuousness or victimhood.

That means psychopaths, narcissists, and shrewd opportunists often take advantage of the social climate for their own gain.

By Joe Jarvis

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Last September, a professor of African studies at George Washington University, Jessica Krug, admitted to faking African and Latina heritage for her entire adult life.

She was apparently about to be outed as a race-faker, and decided to get ahead of the news by admitting that she was “a culture leech.”

According to friends, Krug was militant and aggressive in her stances against systemic racism, going so far as to pick fights in public with other White women, and expect her Black friends to help her.

Clearly Krug thought identifying as Black allowed her to claim the moral high ground from the White devils, and lend her more expertise and street cred in her career as a Professor and author of African studies.

Rachel Dolezal, famous outted after years of pretending to be Black, also benefitted from her faked identity– she was the head of an NAACP chapter.

And who could forget Elizabeth Warren, who was listed as a minority professor at Harvard for years because she thought her high cheekbones made her a Native American. She was later hilariously trolled by Trump, who convinced her to get a DNA test, which she actually bragged about, saying it confirmed that she is at most 1/64th Native American.

This really isn’t a hard phenomenon to figure out. The more you give certain groups in society special advantages and privileges– from the moral high ground to jobs and salaries– the more this will bring the worst type of people out of the woodwork to take advantage.

In the context of two recent studies, it all makes perfect sense. Here, the science confirms what we intuitively know– that bad people take advantage of other people’s good intentions to gain power.

You’ve probably heard of “virtue signaling,” when someone tries to show how morally superior they are because of some cause they claim to care about.

For example, the Instagram influencers caught staging pictures which showed them helping to clean up a neighborhood after a riot. Or a company that tweets out support for gay rights during pride month.

They are signaling that they are virtuous, and reaping the social and material rewards of being part of the “woke” crowd.

But this new research indicates that these Social Justice Warriors might not be so well-intentioned.

The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology recently published a paper which analyzed the results of a number of studies on victimhood and “virtue signaling.”

The paper is called Signaling Virtuous Victimhood as Indicators of Dark Triad Personalities.

The “dark triad personalities” are narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism.

The research found that individuals with these three traits are more likely to signal virtuousness or victimhood.

That means psychopaths, narcissists, and shrewd opportunists often take advantage of the social climate for their own gain.

And it’s not just sympathy or social status they gain. The benefits of virtual signaling include real, tangible, gains in resources– as evidenced by the three White posers we discussed.

That’s because the US is now an environment in which it is, according to the study, “increasingly advantageous and even fashionable” to be considered a victim.

It is also used as a way to gain “moral immunity” for “deceit, intimidation, or even violence by alleged victims to achieve their goals.”

In other words, the ends justify the means. As long as you claim to have a noble intention, then it can excuse any amount of terrible behavior in the pursuit of that goal.

And that is why Black Lives Matters embeds its admittedly Marxist goals in the vehicle of racial justice.

Signaling support for disenfranchised groups is a shortcut to get ahead in today’s world.

This obviously doesn’t mean that every “woke” person is a psychopath. Surely some have the best intentions.

But this study confirms that when society gives some people special rights and privileges, bad people will always take advantage of it.

Coupled with another study which was released a couple years back, we can understand perfectly the woke threat coming out of the belly of the beast, Washington DC.

The study called Psychopathy By State found that the concentration of psychopaths in Washington DC was far higher than in any state.

“The presence of psychopaths in District of Columbia is consistent with the conjecture… that psychopaths are likely to be effective in the political sphere.”

Psychos are drawn to power. It is not just that power corrupts, it is that already corrupt people seek power. Government is the best industry to be in for someone with no morals.

The study surveyed samples from the lower 48 states and Washington D.C. to find the prevalence of personality traits which correspond to psychopathy.

Of course, D.C. came in first by far. But as the author notes, that this is not exactly a fair comparison, as it is a city being compared to entire states. The study finds that urban areas, in general, correspond to more psychopathic personality traits.

Another interesting finding is that a higher concentration of lawyers predicts higher psychopathy prevalence. Shocking, I know.

So removing D.C. can you guess which states come in the top three for concentrations of psychopaths?

  1. Connecticut
  2. California
  3. New Jersey

The least psychopathic states are:

  1. West Virginia
  2. Vermont
  3. Tennessee
  4. North Carolina
  5. New Mexico

And it should not be surprising that the main correlation was that state with the lowest percentage of people living in urban areas also had the lowest concentration of psychopaths.

Perhaps psychopaths need to be around more victims, or constantly switch out their friends and acquaintances as they become wise to their antisocial behaviors.

It is possible that psychopaths are more easily recognized and ostracized in smaller communities and rural settings.

The study concludes:

Areas of the United States that are measured to be most psychopathic are those in the Northeast and other similarly populated regions. The least psychopathic are predominantly rural areas. The District of Columbia is measured to be far more psychopathic than any individual state in the country, a fact that can be readily explained either by its very high population density or by the type of person who may be drawn [to] a literal seat of power (as in Murphy 2016).

Hailing originally from Massachusetts, I can attest to the highest corresponding personality trait being “Temperamental & Uninhibited.” Where did you think the term Masshole came from?

If you aren’t a psychopath when you enter the state, you soon become one from the traffic alone. And I wonder if just being in such close proximity to people makes it a necessary adaptation to care a little less about how your actions affect others.

The solution is to not give a single inch to these virtue signaling psychopaths.

Don’t engage them. Don’t fall into their traps, don’t denounce your Whiteness, or apologize for being straight, Christian, rich, privileged, or whatever. That’s a race to the bottom, and the best thing we can do is either ignore them, or relentlessly make fun of them with memes.

What you don’t want to do is go in the other direction, and become the self-fulfilling prophecy by actually becoming racist. Remember, this is a small group of people trying to make everyone else self segregate or identify with a victim group. Just keep it in mind that this narrative is being driven by elitist White liberals, some of whom will go so far as to fake being victims themselves.

The other thing you can do is self-select the group you associate with, and live around. I’ve been doing this for years, and the only time I ever see these ridiculous race baiters and woke mobsters is online.

Remember, the media will take a tiny minority opinion, present it as if it is mainstream, and try to build it into a movement. It’s still dangerous, since the minority can, and does in many cases, take over and set policy. You still have to call attention to the cult to make sure it doesn’t catch on.

But I don’t actually know any woke mobsters in real life, which is either a testament to the power of selecting the people you surround yourself with, or it means, as I suspect, that there actually aren’t that many people who think like this.

And finally, living in a more rural place, or a tight-knit suburban community– which again, you have specifically selected– can also solve a lot of these problems.

Like the study says, these people concentrate in cities, so being rural does get you out of their reach to some extent.

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The More the EU Tightens Its Grip, the More Countries Slip Through Its Fingers — Strategic Culture

Posted by M. C. on October 27, 2020

These lockdowns have nothing to do with public health. They have everything to do with maintaining the political health of the current ruling classes. Nothing more.

Tom Luongo

It finally looks like the four-and-a-half-year saga of Brexit is coming to an ignominious end. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called the final bluff of the incompetent bureaucrats in Brussels, walking away from trade talks while leaving the door open.

But that door is only open if the EU is willing to crawl in on its knees and give the UK what it wants, a minimal free trade deal, Canada-style, which was offered by then President of the European Council Donald Tusk.

The EU played hardball giving zero ground for four years while undermining the UK from within its own political and bureaucratic structures. It was as transparent as it was cynical, but it couldn’t sway the British people and that gave Johnson the political will to just say no.

And it was this hardball negotiating stance that had worked in the past finally broke like waves along the Cliffs of Dover. The reason why it failed was that arrogance was fueled by powerful forces having their back,

They believed in the power of coercion being stronger than the will of the British people.

And they were wrong. Dead wrong.

In an instant this past weekend the entire façade of he the EU’s inevitability vaporized as Johnson went on TV and told the world to prepare for a No-Deal Brexit, regardless of whether that was the optimal outcome or not.

It signaled to the rest of Europe that no longer do you have to take the diktats of a bunch of feckless, unelected technocrats if you don’t want to. And this failure to secure submission of the Brits will have immense consequences during this next election cycle in Europe.

This is why the fiction of the Second Wave of the Coronapocalypse persists all across the continent. Germany, France, Spain and other countries are implementing the worst kind of draconian lockdowns on people hanging on by a thread while the pols in Brussels scheme as to how best to continue advancing their plans for a future with the people trapped in the neo-feudalism of the EU corporatocracy.

These lockdowns have nothing to do with public health. They have everything to do with maintaining the political health of the current ruling classes. Nothing more.

And I include the UK in this as well but for different reasons. It’s my feeling that even though Johnson may have given the EU ‘two fingers up’ the EU and those behind it aren’t done with the Brits yet.

Walking away from narcissists inevitably invokes anger. There is too much at stake for the European Project for the annoying Brits to just walk away from it and give everyone else the wrong idea.

So, I feel very strongly we should be watching for more signs of the same color revolution tactics on display in the U.S. to depose Donald Trump showing up in the UK I don’t rule out an attempted coup against Johnson in the next seven weeks.

This is why I think he’s imposing similar lock downs in the UK to manage the inevitable activation of ‘ground forces’ once things get down to the wire later this year.

Brexit has exposed a myriad of fault lines within the EU, most notably between the two heavyweights, Germany and France. And Johnson, for all his shambolic organization, understood this perfectly, playing Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron off each other capturing their agendas in amber so when crunch-time came, they were paralyzed with inaction.

Weasels on both sides of the channel refused to accept the vote for any number of reasons but it didn’t matter.

The UK always had the upper hand in this situation if it stood its ground, made its demands known and negotiated like an equal rather than a wayward child.

Ever the abusive parent, the EU Council and its Chief Negotiator continue to treat the Brits like they treated Greece in 2015 and are now openly furious that no one is taking them seriously.

But why should anyone take Brussels seriously, other than because it is backed by the failing and sclerotic post-WWII institutions revealed to be complicit in the wholesale destruction of Western culture and economic vitality who are pushing a Great Reset on them whether they want it or not?

One need look no further than the insipid way Merkel has handled the obvious intelligence job surrounding Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny. Navalny is a nobody outside the halls of the CIA and MI-6 who, through the media, sell him to the West as a major thorn in Russian President Vladimir Putin’s side.

But he’s nothing of the sort. He has fewer people show up to his ‘rallies’ now than Joe Biden. So, the idea that Putin would poison this bozo is laughable. And yet, because the EU, and specifically Germany, are so scared of angering the U.S. they entertained this fantasy hoping the Russians would bail them out and play along with the fiction, publicly threatening the completion of the Nordstream 2 pipeline over it.

Putin told Merkel to go scratch, and why not? She’ll be out of the picture in a year.

So, now she has personally lost Russia as a potential ally for Germany. Instead of finally choosing a side, Merkel, ever the dutiful soldier, kept playing the U.S. and Russia off each other alienating both.

Germany will get no help from Russia when a vindictive second-term Trump tightens the screws on her even more. Because stop looking at polls designed to gaslight you and look at what’s happening in the U.S. People will walk over broken glass to vote for Trump. The biggest worry about Biden is whether he’ll soil his Depends.

Merkel ham-fistedly played for time hoping to run out the clock on Trump and Johnson both over the U.S. election and it will cost Germany everything in the long run. She has a chance post-election to make things right with Putin but don’t bet on it.

Once she loses Russia, she’ll lose the Visegrad nations as the U.S. abandons Europe and the 21st century will turn most unkind on a hubristic and vainglorious European elite.

If the EU leadership want to be taken seriously then they need to act like world leaders and not like a bunch of vindictive high schoolers vying for class president. That these incompetent people are leading some of the most powerful countries in the world should frighten you.

They also reflect very poorly on the people who stand behind them, who I like to call The Davos Crowd, whose policies they were chosen to implement.

And now that the best of all possible Brexits is near at hand, the rest of Europe is going to get an object lesson in just how much it costs to keep them around as the UK thrives in the post-Brexit world and why they shouldn’t be afraid of their wrath.

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