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The National Felons League – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on September 21, 2020

Pro sports playing to empty stadiums. Lets follow that to its logical conclusion.


The epithet National Felons League—a corruption of National Football League—is typically invoked in the wake of any news report dealing with felonious behavior exhibited by professional football players. It has taken on a new relevance now as an entire professional football team has decided to pay homage to a deceased young felon in the making. The team is the Pittsburgh Steelers; the deceased young felon in the making was one Antwon Rose, Jr., 17.

Here’s what went down with Antwon back on June 19, 2018: He was riding in the front passenger seat of a jitney, another passenger, Zaijuan Hester, also 17, seated directly behind him in the back seat. As they drew near a pedestrian, William Ross, Hester stuck a .40 caliber semiautomatic pistol out of the open vehicle window, opening fire on Ross and wounding him. Another pedestrian who just happened to be there whipped out his own pistol and fired at the departing jitney, shattering its rear window.

A police bulletin went out, and East Pittsburgh police officer Michael Rosfeld spotted a vehicle matching the description of the jitney and pulled it over. As Rosfeld was handcuffing the driver, Hester and Rose bolted and ran; Rosfeld fired three times, fatally striking Rose. The spin initially put on the incident was that Rose was an innocent who simply had the misfortune to board a jitney whose other passenger happened to be a drive-by shooter. Rosfeld ended up being charged with criminal homicide.

But it turned out that Rose was not the innocent he was made out to be. Two guns were found in the vehicle, Hester’s .40 caliber pistol and a stolen 9 millimeter pistol. The 9 millimeter had Rose’s DNA on it. Rose had an empty 9 millimeter magazine in his pocket that fit the recovered stolen gun, and gunpowder residue was found on his hands. Was the residue the result of his proximity to the gun fired by Hester, or was it the result of his firing the 9 millimeter at some point? A security video surfaced showing Rose, Hester, and the jitney driver clearing away the broken glass from the parked vehicle’s shattered rear windshield. Although security video showed Hester to be the shooter in the drive-by, the victim was convinced that it had to have been Rose who shot him because the two of them had a “beef” with one another. So Rose was riding around armed, he was riding with another armed passenger, and that other armed passenger shot a man with whom Rose had a beef. In the light of all this evidence brought to the fore, Officer Rosfeld was acquitted in his court trial.

In spite of the fact that Rose was a willing accomplice in a drive-by shooting—which justified the use of deadly force against him as he fled the traffic stop—he is nonetheless regarded as a victim of racial injustice and as a BLM martyr worthy of veneration. The method of veneration chosen by the Steelers’ decision makers was to have his name featured on players’ helmets that were to be worn throughout the season.

Fortunately, one player saw through the sham and refused to participate. Before his team’s opening game, tackle Alejandro Villanueva replaced Rose’s name with that of Alwyn Cashe, a black war hero who died of injuries sustained while rescuing fellow soldiers from a burning vehicle. As I was preparing the draft of this article, another dissenter’s name popped up in the news. Center Maurkice Pouncey announced that he would be removing Rose’s name from his helmet, explaining that he wasn’t fully aware of the whole story behind Antwon Rose, Jr.

Kudos to both Villanueva and Pouncey for standing up to woke nonsense.

George M. Hollenback [send him mail]is a writer who makes his home in Houston.

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Sports and the Election – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on September 14, 2020

I am going to suggest that this will be reflected in the voting in November – assuming current trends hold.  And why wouldn’t they?  This weekend, we get the start of the National Football League, and we have been promised more of what the NBA has been giving us: messaging that demonizes the majority of Americans – messaging that, it seems, even non-white Americans might not appreciate.


Interesting results from a recent Gallup poll, tracking Americans’ views of various business and industry sectors.  Gallup measured the views on twenty-five sectors, asking if the views were very positive, somewhat positive, neutral, somewhat negative or very negative.

Of the twenty-five sectors, first a look at those whose net rating (net positive minus net negative) was the lowest:

The federal government is at the bottom.  I would like to be happy about this, but we don’t know if it is because people feel it is doing too much or not enough.  In any case, Pharmaceutical and sports aren’t much above it, with most of the remaining cellar-dwellers in industries that work to shove garbage down our throats.

Focusing in on sports, what is really interesting is how far it has fallen in one year; no industry has fallen further:

Even more interesting, the change in net score for the sports category in a year is negative in every mentioned grouping:

Gallup does not explain why this is.  I will take a crack at it.  For sports, two things are different from a year ago: first, sports seasons were interrupted or cancelled – hence, people are expressing their disappointment in this; second, in those sports that have restarted, and especially in professional basketball, there is one message above all other – even more important than which team wins the game.

It is a message in support of the destruction seen in dozens of American cities; it is a message that takes incomplete or even false narratives of sporadic and random events and places these above the countless daily counter-examples; it is a message of chaos and violence; it is a message that demonizes their largest and wealthiest customer base.

To the first possibility, that people are disappointed that seasons were interrupted or cancelled.  This is also true of the restaurant industry, yet it ranks third out of twenty-five in net positive ratings; it is true of both education and travel, yet these rank mid-pack, still with a good net positive rating.  So, perhaps it isn’t this.

Maybe, instead, it is the other thing – the messaging that demonizes its audience, based on half-truths and lies and with the obvious objective of bringing chaos and destruction.  And, maybe, this is what it has in common with the other cellar-dwellers: they are all killing us with lies.

If it is the other thing, the results by the various demographic categories are telling: the net positive ratings decrease from last year is more pronounced in the ages that are far more likely to vote, as those above age 30 are up to two times more likely to vote than those who are younger.  Further, the rate of change is more in non-white Americans than in white Americans, and almost as pronounced in independents as in republicans.

I am going to suggest that this will be reflected in the voting in November – assuming current trends hold.  And why wouldn’t they?  This weekend, we get the start of the National Football League, and we have been promised more of what the NBA has been giving us: messaging that demonizes the majority of Americans – messaging that, it seems, even non-white Americans might not appreciate.

Other polls, directly regarding the election, are showing results or trends favorable to republicans – even among minorities.  But nothing grabs the emotion like sports.


If the cause behind the dramatic fall in the net positive view of sports is as I believe it is, then this could be quite telling for November.  The fall is greatest in those age groups most likely to vote, it is significant in the non-white population (normally described as democrat voters) and in independents, who, I guess, could choose to vote either way.

The republicans, therefore Trump, could win in a landslide this November.  Not that election night will tell the tale.  There are elements both inside and outside of the government who won’t be happy about such an outcome.  I don’t suspect they will go quietly.

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Veterans Group Says NFL Censored Pro-National Anthem #PleaseStand Super Bowl Ad

Posted by M. C. on January 23, 2018

The NFL is too busy pretending to be concerned with concussion/head trauma rates, domestic violence convictions and doing what the DHS/military money people want to worry about vets and players trying to remember why they should stand or sit.

The short answer is not US, just U$.

AMVETS officials are saying that the National Football League censored their TV advertisement because it criticized the league’s widespread protests against the country during the playing of the national anthem.

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