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Government Road Management: Is There a Better Way? | Mises Wire

Posted by M. C. on March 7, 2019

Thousands of people are killed or seriously injured on Canadian roads and highways every year. Traffic congestion is common. Perpetual road construction/repairs. Cars lined up at a red light while non-existent cross traffic faces a green light. Idling cars, frayed nerves, road rage. If this was the performance record of private firms who owned and managed the roads, politicians would go ballistic and seize control of the roads in order to “ensure consumer safety.”

However, as we know, it is the politicians and bureaucrats who are responsible for this dismal, and deadly, performance record, so they unleash their propaganda: “Citizens have to be more patient”, “Commuters should car pool”, “Drivers have to slow down”, “More people should take public transit, or cycle, or walk”, “Employers should offer staggered shifts and allow some employees to work from home”, “Higher taxes will solve the problem”, and, my personal favourite, “We need more traffic laws. No, no, we are sincerely concerned for your safety, not our revenue.”

Whenever the government attempts to provide a service, service is severed from payment, which means taxation guarantees the salaries of politicians and bureaucrats without incentivizing them to provide the services most highly preferred by taxpayers. A visible example of this in London are the many miles of empty cycling lanes adjacent to congested car lanes. For every cyclist, there are at least a thousand motorists. So much for majority rule. And, for a city government professing deep concern for the environment, this is indeed a curious outcome: environmental resources are wasted on the construction of largely vacant cycling lanes, which in turn increases the environmental impact of internal combustion engines due to increased traffic congestion directly attributable to less road space for cars.

Private Road Management

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