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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Dec 13, 2021 – 09:10 AM

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,Appearing on Hannity Friday night, Senator Rand Paul noted that COVID vaccine pushers are becoming more militant in their demands and efforts to force as many people as possible to take jabs.

“You know, these people won’t be happy until they get your newborn,” Paul urged.“I mean, they really want to get your newborn inoculated before they leave the hospital. They’re going to restrict certain things. You know, they’re not going to dispense schooling. But they’re also going to try to get them before they leave the hospital. I think it’s outrageous and ignores the science,” the Senator emphasised.Paul continued, “It’s all based on this misreading of the science that says we haven’t been vaccinating enough and that we’re under-vaccinated.”“The truth from the CDC is quite the opposite. Over age 75, 97% of people have voluntarily chosen to be vaccinated. Between ages 64 and 75, 99% of people have been vaccinated,” Paul further explained.

“So we are voluntarily accepting this,” Paul continued, adding “Most people at high risk have been vaccinated. This is a disease of the elderly, not of children.”

Commenting on Anthony Fauci spearheading the medical tyranny, Paul noted “he’s not obeying science. He’s sort of granting his impulse to authoritarianism. His default position is always, how can I control people? How can I regulate people?”The Senator added that Fauci would be apoplectic with the Paul family Christmas plans.

“I can tell you — he’s not going to be too happy with the Paul family Christmas. We have 57 for Christmas, no vaccine passport. The only requirement is that you have read and understand the Constitution,” the Senator quipped.