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The New York Times Explains That Mask Wearing Helps To ‘Rewire’ Children – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on December 31, 2021

No one should be wearing a mask. Face mask wearing is simply harmful to you and those around you. It is bad for you. It is especially bad for the sick. It is especially bad for the elderly. It is especially bad for children. That is what the best science of the last two years shows, and that is the direction that we must push the narrative around masks — the direction of the truth. Masks harm you. The harm may even be irreversible. So, stop feeding into the lie by wearing one or by allowing one to be worn around you.

By Allan Stevo

Pro tip: Google and The New York Times have a business arrangement that makes subscription-free reading easier. If you don’t want to prop up this once great newspaper by buying a New York Times subscription, then do this: Whenever you hit a New York Times paywall, you can just copy and paste the URL into a Google search and click on the top return in order to view that New York Times article for free. 

Shouldn’t I Feel Bad Doing That? 

You should feel no shame in doing this. The New York Times has spent years in total decline into mere propaganda rag for the uniparty establishment and deserves no propping up. May the Gray Lady die a swift and quiet death so that she can at least go back, even if only in  the memory of man, to be known for the generally noble efforts that once took place within those pages, pages that once great men and women wrote for.

Though the institution has doubtlessly been fraught with foibles and scandals over its history, this exemplary list of writers includes the brilliant free market mind Henry Hazlitt. Hazlitt was once an editor for The New York Times and frequent writer of the unsigned editorials that represented the official opinions of the Times editorial board. Though efforts to reform and prevent this decline of The New York Times have taken place, the paper has moved so far away from truthful coverage and honest debate that Hazlitt would no longer be allowed past security in that building today.

Though some New Yorkers are renown for the provincial style of blindness that allows one to look around a rat infested city covered in grime, garbage, and now desolation, and uncritically call everything in New York “the best,” I write this praise of the once great New York Times as a Midwesterner who was once an avid reader of the Sunday pages of this once excellent publication, and recognize what a loss it is for American society that it has descended so far into the abyss.

Please Forgive The Delay, But The Egregious Nature Of This Piece Still Deserves Addressing 

I’ve been working on my next book (Face Masks Hurt Kids is due for release soon) since August, which means I have failed to comment on some of the more egregious topics of the face mask debate since that time. The New York Times opinion piece “Actually, Wearing a Mask Can Help Your Child Learn,” by Judith Danovitch would be one of them. Danovitch’s piece was published in mid-August 2021 as courageous parents near and far were increasingly standing up for their children at school board meetings in droves. The article deserves far more criticism than it has, to date, received.

Greater than 50% of the 757-word article belittles the wise and natural concerns of parents that masks are harmful and perhaps even dangerous for their children. That is unfortunate, for we already live in an era that seeks to be so discouraging of good parental behavior that additional discouragement is unheeded and redundant. A good aspect of the article is that Danovitch speaks a great deal of truth in the article, she just twists it in such an unethical and manipulative way that it is very difficult to recognize that truth. In the next few minutes, I am going to try to twist her words back into shape here so that the truth is clearer, and it is easier to read between the lines.

To give you a sense of who the writer is, let us begin by pointing to the ethics of a mother who eagerly plays mad scientist with her child.

This Biography From A Professional May Shock You 

In what I will admit is an ad hominem intended to illustrate this writer’s poor ethics around boundaries, Dr. Danovitch considers her child to be “her favorite research subject,” as stated in her biography below.

“Judith Danovitch, Ph.D. grew up in New York speaking English, Spanish, and Hebrew. After earning degrees from Harvard and Yale, she became a psychology professor. She teaches child development courses and studies how children think and learn. Her favorite research subject is her own child, who is bilingual in English and Hebrew.”

Children are awesome to observe and learn from. Children are not appropriate to do research on. When research must be conducted, it must be done with the most significant ethical considerations. Children cannot give their informed consent. Parents must. To make a parent both lead researcher and unconflicted provider of informed consent is nearly impossible. One must be placed before the other. In the case of Danovitch, as one can see from the biography, the role of researcher appears to be the role she places in first position.

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