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Stephen Hawking will travel to space on board Richard Branson’s ship, professor says

Posted by Martin C. Fox on March 20, 2017

leaving Europe “threatens Britain’s status as a world-leader in science and innovation”.
Britain isn’t leavung the European scene, it is throwing off the European yoke.

Whatever Britain may be a world leader in can only be amplified by being unburdened. 

I am not intimate with Prof Hawking’s political leanings but he appears to be a big government guy. One would think that a “thinker” would be happier thinking his country will not be governed by non-thinking Brussels bureaucrats.

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NASA’s Empty Canteen

Posted by Martin C. Fox on November 21, 2013

I see we have launched yet another Mars mission probing for water. The search for water seems desperate. That’s because it is.

Water = possible life = NASA’s justification for existence.

NASA spent a decade trying to reach the moon. What did we get out of that exercise besides some rocks? Not much as far as I can tell beyond momentary glory and a big bill to pay.

What is a desperate government agency to do? Hey! Let’s build an International Space Station! Read the rest of this entry »

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