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A Private-Law Society – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on May 15, 2018

The implication is that a private-law society is going to be right-libertarian, not left-libertarian. This will not happen because of a conscious choice of values or by design or by the taking of ideological stands on social issues. It will happen because the revival of the spur to work and the revival of individualism as opposed to collective government action has the inherent or natural tendency to revive certain traditional values and relationships.

I recently wrote a blog on “Work in the Private-Law Society“. I pointed out that in a private-law society, work regains its luster as an ethical value and its importance as an economic value, as opposed to the glorification of other values like equality or fairness that supposedly accompany the state’s welfare system. With no safety net in the private-law society, the necessity of work is bound to loom larger in people’s minds. This will have effects on the education system, the relations between employers and employees, and the family. Cultural and sociological changes can be expected when the work ethic is revived, and it will be revived as a natural feature of any private-law society that’s going to survive and prosper. Read the rest of this entry »


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