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Light at the end of the Biden tunnel

Posted by M. C. on December 2, 2020

Biden didn’t realize that he had killed his own son, Beau, until Sergeant Hickman wrote a book about it. The burn pits in Iraq caused brain cancer in vets. Hickman included a whole chapter about Beau.

Biden pushed for the Iraq war, which got his son killed.

Biden, and others responsible for starting the war in Iraq, are now taking back power. Scott and Stephen Zunes recently discussed the details.

But there is hope.

It’s possible that the death of his son has softened Biden on the wars.

And most importantly, Biden has promised to end U.S. support for the war in Yemen, which is currently the world’s worst human rights disaster. Trump, for all of his anti-war talk, has failed to end any wars.
  When did you first become anti-war? There are many like you, who would be anti-war if they heard the right message.

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