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San Francisco’s New App ‘SnapCrap’ Lets Users Report Public Feces

Posted by M. C. on October 25, 2018

One of the most expensive places to live on the globe, San Francisco, has been bombarded with fecal matter that they cannot seem to control.  

I wonder what all those illegals SF welcomes think of that.

Imagine Michael Douglas or Clint Eastwood chasing a dastardly criminal and taking a pratfall.

Mac Slavo

The city of San Francisco now has a new app that allows users to report poop in public places.  The city, under complete totalitarian leftist control, has a large homeless population thanks to unaffordable housing and the high costs of living in the city.

Created by a tech-savvy resident, the SnapCrap app allows users to take photos of errant public human feces and send those photos to city management using the city’s 311 information hotline, which serves as San Francisco’s official “poop-reporting” phone number.  According to the Daily Wire, Sean Miller, the app’s creator, told NBC‘s local affiliate that he was “inspired” to launch the poop-reporting system after moving to San Francisco and finding himself forced to step over human waste lying in the middle of city sidewalks, a phenomenon he hadn’t experienced in his home state of Vermont.

The city of San Francisco approves of the app’s creation. One city manager told NBCthat “anyway people want to report concerns and service requests to us … that’s great.” City officials stress that they are trying to get ahead of the problem of poop all over the city.  They also say that incidents in need of immediate attention should be directed to the city’s 311 hotline, which dispatches the city’s so-called “Poop Patrol.”…

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