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Don’t Be a Moron: Russia Didn’t Attack US Troops in Syria

Posted by Martin C. Fox on February 21, 2018

On February 16, 2018, Bloomberg’s Eli Lake published an article entitled “Don’t Be Fooled: Russia Attacked U.S. Troops in Syria.”

For context, the U.S.-led coalition conducted air and artillery strikes against what was believed to be pro-government forces in Syria on February 7, 2018, in response to an “unprovoked attack” launched by these pro-regime forces. Not long after, reports began emerging that significant numbers of Russian personnel were included in the over 100 dead and wounded, though Russia denied this at first. As the evidence began to mount, the accepted version of events on both sides was that those involved were Russian mercenaries and contractors, not official troops. Read the rest of this entry »


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War Between the US and Turkey? – LewRockwell

Posted by Martin C. Fox on February 3, 2018

The textbook definition of blowback.

There ARE options besides war, just not as profitable.

Why on earth are at least 2,000 US troops mixed up in this fracas in darkest Syria? Because the pro-Israel neocons in Washington, who pretty much run US foreign policy these days, are determined to have revenge for the defeat of US-backed rebel forces in Syria. So it’s once more into the breach near Afrin and the town Manbij though America has zero national interests in Syria. The US first tried to overthrow Syria’s governments in Damascus in 1948 because it was too independent and flirting with the Soviets. Today’s intervention is part of Israel’s plan to fragment Syria and gobble up its water and fertile land resources… Read the rest of this entry »

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The US Finally Told the Truth About Its Military Objective in Syria

Posted by Martin C. Fox on January 26, 2018

We turned Al Qaeda-less Iraq into an Al Qaeda haven (with Al Qaeda financier SA help). We made a low level Afghan faction Taliban into a national powerhouse. The same with Boko Haram. Libya is now a slave trade/illegal immigration center. The Balkans is the place to go for trade in human organs and drugs.

All now Christian-less of course. The Syrian population should be very afraid.

Written by

(ANTIMEDIA Op-ed) After over a year of flip-flopping and reversing its position on Syria and its president, Bashar al-Assad, the U.S has finally admitted the real reason its military continues to violate Syria’s sovereignty. From the Washington Post:

“After months of incoherence, the Trump administration has taken a step toward a clear policy on Syria and its civil war. In a speech last week, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson bluntly recognized a truth that both President Trump and President Barack Obama attempted to dodge: that ‘it is crucial to our national defense to maintain a military and diplomatic presence in Syria, to help bring an end to that conflict, and assist the Syrian people . . . to achieve a new political future.’ To do that, the United States will continue to deploy several thousand personnel in the country and help allied Syrian forces maintain control over enclaves in the southwest, near Israel and Jordan, and the northeast, on the border with Iraq and Turkey.” [emphasis added]

The great lie told by the Washington Post editorial board, however, is its attempt to paint Washington’s regime change operation in Syria as crucial to America’s national defense and a “truth that both President Trump and President Barack Obama attempted to dodge.” In doing so, the Post is suggesting that regime change in Syria is the only realistic path for the U.S. to pursue, even when it has become increasingly clear that the longer the U.S. prolongs the war in Syria, the greater the suffering of ordinary Syrians will be.

Considering that the U.S. military’s recent strategy in Syria allegedly involves a 30,000-strong Kurdish and Arab border force that in less than a week prompted a Turkish invasion, it should be clear that the U.S. has no intention of putting Syria on the long-awaited road to peace.

However, according to the Washington Post, the U.S.’ new proposal is justified.

“Critics predictably charge that Mr. Trump is launching another ‘endless war’ in Syria,” the WaPo Editorial Board writes. “In fact, the administration has simply recognized reality: The United States cannot prevent a resurgence of al-Qaeda and the Islamic State, prevent Iran from building bases across Syria, or end a civil war that has sent millions of refugees toward Europe without maintaining control over forces inside the country, just as Russia and Iran do.”

If you ever needed proof that the corporate media actively promotes the U.S. war machine, this is it. None of the above is true. At best, it is purposely disingenuous.

It is widely accepted that it was the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003 that not only paved the way for al-Qaeda to take root in Iraq but also laid the foundation for what would later become ISIS (ISIS evolved out of what was previously referred to as al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI).

ISIS was then able to grow from strength to strength in Syria, primarily by taking advantage of U.S. weapons transfers. Further, U.S.-led foreign policy actively weakened the Syrian state since 2011, creating a vacuum for these terrorists to take root.

The Washington Post’s attempt to absolve American foreign policy of its role in the refugee crisis ignores the fact that after the Syrian government was able to retake Syria’s major cities, hundreds of thousands of refugees began returning to their homes.

The references to Iran also raise some issues. If Syria opts to allow Iran to build bases inside its country, international law dictates that no other country should be allowed to interfere with this proposal. The U.S. is suspected of having close to 1,000 bases worldwide, and many of them have encircled Iran. If the U.S. can have bases, so can any other country.

Further, it is not clear under which legal principle the Washington Post is suggesting the U.S. has the right to invade someone else’s country just to oppose Iran.

Regardless, it is because of America’s incessant and obsessive approach of trying to contain Iran that we find Iran emerging as a victor in these conflicts in the first place. If the U.S. hadn’t spent billions of dollars arming radical Sunni jihadists, Syria wouldn’t have had any underlying reasons to put effect to its mutual defense treaty with Iran and allow Iran to gain influence inside the country. Now, Iran’s influence has spread far beyond that of its borders and has made its way to Israel’s doorstep.

If the U.S. wants to counter Iran and al-Qaeda and bring peace to Syria, logic dictates that the U.S needs to try a brand new strategy altogether and respect international law for once. Of course, if recent history is any indicator, this is just as far-fetched an idea as the notion that the Trump administration will ever bring peace to this war-torn nation.

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Rex Tillerson at Hoover – Original

Posted by Martin C. Fox on January 22, 2018

US foreign policy: fight the good guys that help defeat the bad guys. Help the bad guys defeat the good guys. Provide arms to any and everyone, not knowing which side they are on.

Someone not familiar with the ISIS story might conclude that Tillerson was saying that the US government defeated ISIS. Of course, if you read his speech carefully, you’ll see that he didn’t say that. What he said was that the US government had a plan and had been active in defeating ISIS. He didn’t list other entities that had fought ISIS. What ones did he leave out? Two major ones: the Russian government and the Syrian government under Assad. Why? I think it’s obvious: it didn’t fit Tillerson’s narrative. The narrative is: Assad is bad; the US government needs to get rid of him. If Tillerson had admitted what I’m sure he knows well—that the Russian government has helped Assad go after ISIS—then he would have introduced complexity into what he wanted to tell as a simple story: Assad bad; let’s get rid of him.

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Did the US allow ISIS to escape to keep the fighting going?

Posted by Martin C. Fox on November 22, 2017

Does this mean that we can expect considerable fumbling and a game with no exit strategy, something like a replay of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya? You betcha.

Even the U.S. media has been reluctantly reporting that ISIS has been rolled back in Syria by the joint efforts of the Syrian Army and the Russian air force with the United States and its allies playing very much secondary roles in the conflict. The Russians have, in fact, complained that Washington seemed just a tad disinterested in actually cooperating to destroy the last remnants of ISIS in the few areas that the group still controls, citing most recently an alleged incident during the Syrian government liberation of the town of Abu Kamal in which U.S. air assets on site appear to have allowed ISIS fighters to escape. Read the rest of this entry »

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In Shocking, Viral Interview, Qatar Confesses Secrets Behind Syrian War | Zero Hedge

Posted by Martin C. Fox on October 30, 2017

A saying attributed to the US state department-‘He may be an SOB but he is our SOB.’ Looks like we are all SOBs.

Is this leak a payback for Saudi threats for supporting Hamas/Gaza against Israeli wishes?

A television interview of a top Qatari official confessing the truth behind the origins of the war in Syria is going viral across Arabic social media during the same week a leaked top secret NSA document was published which confirms that the armed opposition in Syria was under the direct command of foreign governments from the early years of the conflict.

And according to a well-known Syria analyst and economic adviser with close contacts in the Syrian government, the explosive interview constitutes a high level “public admission to collusion and coordination between four countries to destabilize an independent state, [including] possible support for Nusra/al-Qaeda.” Importantly, “this admission will help build case for what Damascus sees as an attack on its security & sovereignty. It will form basis for compensation claims.” Read the rest of this entry »

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US State Department slips up and admits that “moderate” rebels in Syria use chemical weapons (Video)

Posted by Martin C. Fox on October 23, 2017

The only way you will ever get the truth out of the US government is when they slip up…either through a leaked email or an unfiltered statement/hot mic moment.

In this case the US State Department, when issuing a travel alert on Syria, stated

Tactics of ISIS, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, and other violent extremist groups include the use of suicide bombers, kidnapping, small and heavy arms, improvised explosive devices, and chemical weapons.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Ya’alon: I would prefer Islamic State to Iran in Syria | The Times of Israel

Posted by Martin C. Fox on October 17, 2017

Israeli (and therefore US) policy in a nutshhell. Read the rest of this entry »

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Russia Effectively Smashing US-Supported Terrorists – Stephen Lendman

Posted by Martin C. Fox on October 2, 2017

Russia, like any other country that doesn’t do as it is told, must be exterminated.

Russia’s military intervention in Syria at the request of its government began two years ago today – September 30.

It dramatically changed the dynamic on the ground, turning sure defeat into eventual triumph.

Thousands of square miles of Syrian territory were liberated from the scourge of US-supported terrorists, defeating Washington’s imperial aims, wanting regime change, the country transformed into another vassal state.


Read the rest of this entry »

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The Pentagon’s $2.2 Billion Soviet Arms Pipeline Flooding Syria :: Balkan Insight

Posted by Martin C. Fox on September 14, 2017

Do you think Kim Jung Un has not noticed this?

The Pentagon is on a spending spree as it scrabbles to amass vast quantities of Soviet-style weapons and ammunition. But it’s running into problems sourcing them, and is using misleading legal documents to disguise their final destination: Syria.

The weapons and ammunition that the Pentagon is supplying to Syria are dispatched through a sprawling logistical network, including an army of arms dealers, shipping companies, cargo airlines, German military bases and Balkan airports and ports. 

Read the rest of this entry »

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