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Good news: more Biden stupidity struck down

Posted by M. C. on September 22, 2022

In fact, as Phil Kerpen noted, that now leaves Joe Biden, Xi Jinping, and Kim Jong-un with travel ban vax mandates in place.

Nice company there, Joe.

Yesterday a federal judge struck down another useless mandate, this one in the Head Start program: no longer a vax and mask requirement for workers, and no longer a mask requirement for children.

Head Start is a preschool program, so they were actually planning to keep on masking 2-year-olds until this judge struck the whole stupid thing down.

Something else interesting has been struck down, this one not in the United States but in Canada. That country is dropping its vaccine requirement at the border on September 30.

That makes the United States officially more extreme even than Canada on the question of vaccine requirements for visitors.

In fact, as Phil Kerpen noted, that now leaves Joe Biden, Xi Jinping, and Kim Jong-un with travel ban vax mandates in place.

Nice company there, Joe.

Meanwhile, I keep devoting a chunk of my time — the chunk I’m not spending reporting on world nuttiness, or recording the Tom Woods Show — to practical ways we normal people can improve our lives even as we have to endure such a wretched ruling class.

This week in my School of Life program I brought in two top names in the world of negotiation — business negotiator Allan Tsang and hostage negotiator Dan Oberlinger — to help teach my folks how to get what they want. How to get that raise. How to get that contract. How to get out of that speeding ticket (Allan says he’s done that multiple times with his methods). Everyone loved it.

In two weeks I’ll bring on the brilliant Larry Lepard of Equity Managament Associates to do a session on contrarian investing. Larry has a very impressive track record, as some of you who remember him from the Ron Paul days (when he spent $200,000 of his own money on full-page newspaper ads for Dr. Paul) will recall. He will help my people safeguard their wealth during the inflationary onslaught.

Lots of other great things, and very nice member victories, going on in there right now. Maybe when we reopen you might think about joining:

And finally, for the more adventurous among you — and I know you’re out there — in case you missed episode 2183 of the Tom Woods Show, I had a chance to speak to Mikkel Thorup, who is an expert on international relocation and expat issues, having visited 100 countries himself and lived in nine, and having been an expat himself for over 20 years.

I myself am too much of a homebody to leave the U.S., but I know for a fact that more of my readers than ever are considering their international options, whether that’s outright relocation or measures short of that, such as second citizenships and the like.

Mikkel is putting on a free virtual event that I thought you might be interested in. It will cover everything you need to know about the expat life: migration, residencies, citizenship, investment, the expat lifestyle and more.

It’s just been announced that Ron Paul will be speaking, alongside Doug Casey, Liberland founder Vit Jedlicka, and an array of experts whose combined expertise makes this surely the number-one expat event of the year.

If all this arouses your curiosity, you can still access a free ticket to the event at this link:
Tom Woods

Be seeing you

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