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Fellow Libertarians – If You Like RFK, Jr., You’ll Also Like Del Bigtree – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on January 2, 2022

By Davis Taylor

On-line shoppers often receive product suggestions, telling them that, because they liked X, they may like Y. Below is a similar kind of suggestion.

If you’re one of those libertarians who recently discovered RFK, Jr. and you like him, you’ll probably also like Del Bigtree.

The libertarian world is slowly waking up to both the importance of vaccine freedom and the importance of RFK, Jr.’s work to that issue. Amen, and long overdue, on both counts! This author has been harping on the importance of vaccine freedom, and the significance of RFK, Jr’s work, for a long time. Such harping is contained in my May 16, 2020 article, “The COVID-19 War on Liberty Has Been Brewing for Years” and in other articles written before and after that date.

RFK Jr.’s new book, The Real Anthony Fauci, seems to be playing a big part in why he is finally receiving mass attention from libertarians.

I came to understand, long before COVID-19 arrived, and to a large extent through material put out by RFK, Jr.’s organization (Children’s Health Defense (CHD)) and Bigtree’s organizations (Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN)/ The HighWire (HW)), that society was headed toward a rights crushing crisis that would center on the issue of infectious disease and vaccines.

In the pre-COVID-19 era, when many libertarians were ignoring the issue of vaccine freedom, RFK, Jr. and Bigtree were busy: gathering evidence of corruption perpetrated by the state and its corporate cronies related to infectious diseases and vaccines; organizing opposition to that corruption; using the courts to oppose the corruption; and opposing legislation aimed at expanding vaccine mandates. Their pre-COVID-19 activity in these areas allowed them to hit the ground running when COVID-19 showed up and the government added a new infectious disease and a new vaccine to its shenanigans.

The already impressive efforts of RFK, Jr. and Bigtree to stop health-related tyranny can be supercharged by collaboration with the libertarian community and by adding expertise within libertarians’ bailiwick (on nullification, decentralization, private membership associations, mutual aid societies, private certification agencies to protect consumers, free market solutions for meeting health care needs, etc.). RFK, Jr. and Bigtree have identified and exposed the problem (state/government cronyism and corruption) and are fighting it, but collaboration with libertarians will help them to identify the best solutions to it (i.e., private health care and consumer protection solutions, not more government regulation and bureaucracy to “fix” the problem).

Libertarians now seem to widely recognize that the powers that be are perpetrating a rights-grabbing scam under the pretext of protecting us from COVID-19, and that collaboration with RFK, Jr. will assist us in defeating that scam. This is progress and it fulfills a couple of my hopes. However, I would like for two more of my hopes to be met: that libertarians will widely collaborate with Bigtree like they are now doing with RFK, Jr., and that libertarians will broaden their battle against COVID-19 vaccine mandates to include fighting the existing childhood vaccine mandates.

The libertarian world will benefit from collaborating with Del Bigtree.

1. Bigtree has a weekly internet show, the HighWire, which is solely donor funded, so it has no advertisers. Because it is not Big Pharma funded like most of the MSM, the Jaxen Report, the news portion of the show, provides the news of the week related to health and health-related tyranny, without Big Pharma’s spin. Bigtree interviews scientists, medical professionals, investigative journalists, freedom advocates and others with information critical for sorting out where the true weight of the scientific evidence lies with respect to infectious diseases and vaccines and for understanding the dystopian world we’re living in.

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