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Watch “Andrew Saul – High Dose Vitamin C Therapy for Major Diseases” on YouTube

Posted by M. C. on March 26, 2020


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Fact-Checking The Fact Checkers About Coronavirus & Vitamin C Treatment – Is It Really “Fake News”? – Collective Evolution

Posted by M. C. on March 25, 2020

“The medical profession is being bought by the pharmaceutical industry, not only in terms of the practice of medicine, but also in terms of teaching and research. The academic institutions of this country are allowing themselves to be the paid agents of the pharmaceutical industry. I think it’s disgraceful.” (source)


In Brief

  • The Facts:The idea that vitamin C can have some potential in treating and preventing the new coronavirus is being invalidated and even labelled as ‘fake news’ by some. If this was true, why are clinical trials for intravenous vitamin C underway in China?
  • Reflect On:Can we rely on our medical system to provide the best possible solutions, or will profit always come first? How much trust have they lost among the general population over the years?

An article published by LiveScience, a mainstream science website, states that “Vitamin C is extremely unlikely to help people fight off the new coronavirus.” Mainstream media has been attacking the idea that vitamin C could have some potential to prevent or even treat the new coronavirus. This rhetoric follows statements that have come out from government health regulatory agencies. Take Health Canada, for example, who recently tweeted that there are no natural health products “that are authorized to protect against” the new coronavirus. They go on to state that “any claims otherwise are false.”

This is a problem that’s plagued our world since the introduction of the mainstream medical industry. Arnold Seymour Relman, a former Harvard professor of medicine and former Editor-in-Chief of The New England Medical Journal, states this problem clearly: 

“The medical profession is being bought by the pharmaceutical industry, not only in terms of the practice of medicine, but also in terms of teaching and research. The academic institutions of this country are allowing themselves to be the paid agents of the pharmaceutical industry. I think it’s disgraceful.” (source)

The question people need to be asking is, where does government loyalty lie? Perhaps it’s with the industry that spends two times more than any other lobby in congress. This is why nothing can be used as a treatment, for any disease, unless it’s patented and presented to us by a pharmaceutical company. “Alternative” treatments are always branded as ‘fake’ and even ‘dangerous’.

Vitamin C Trials and Treatment

This recent coronavirus outbreak might provide the latest insight into this matter. Going back to the statement above from LiveScience that states “Vitamin C is extremely unlikely to help people fight off the new coronavirus”: if this is really the case, then why would China start multiple clinical trials to examine whether or not intravenous vitamin C can be helpful in treating people with coronavirus?

The article in LiveScience did not acknowledge this originally, but they added an update stating that researchers at Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University had launched a clinical trial with 140 patients in February to test whether ultrahigh doses of vitamin C, delivered intravenously, could treat the viral infection more effectively than a placebo. The test group will receive infusions twice a day for seven days, with each infusion containing 12g of vitamin C. (The daily recommendation for an adult man is only 90mg.) The trial will be completed in September, and no results are yet available, according to

That being said, Dr. Richard Cheng, MD, has been updating everyone via his YouTube channel about vitamin C treatment cases out of China. We have been covering his updates as he is in direct contact with this treatment and isn’t simply an armchair scientist at the moment. We feel at this time this is a very important detail as he is seeing and hearing results first hand, not simply theoretically. Dr. Cheng is a US board-certified anti-aging specialist. He claims that vitamin C is now in the Shanghai Government treatment plan.

Dr. Cheng was paramount in bringing high-dose vitamin C to the table as part of potential treatment and prevention measures. Unfortunately in the West, this option is still being denied by much of mainstream media and governments are not talking about it. Instead, it’s fear and chaos which we do not feel helps anyone to stay healthy or get better.

According to Cheng, 50 moderate to severe cases of Covid-19 infection were treated with high-dose IVC. Dosing of IVC ranged from 10,000 – 20,000 mg a day for 7-10 days, with 10,000 mg for moderate cases and 20,000 for more severe cases. The first bit of good news was that all patients who received IVC improved and there has been no mortality. Secondly, as compared to the average of a 30-day hospital stay for all Covid-19 patients, those patients who received high dose IVC had a hospital stay of about 3-5 days shorter than the other patients.

In one particularly severe case where the patient was deteriorating rapidly, an extra dose of 50,000 mg IVC was given over a period of 4 hours and it caused the patient’s pulmonary (oxygenation index) status to stabilize and improve as the critical care team observed in real time. You can watch all of the updates from Cheng via his Youtube Channel.

So, at the very worst we can officially say that we don’t know, but there are some positive signs thus far, which again, is obvious due to the fact that they would even begin a clinical trial, and the explanation as to why such a hypothesis exists is explained within the clinical trial website listed earlier. To say that it’s false or extremely unlikely is, in fact, the false news.

The Takeaway

Is it really safe and truthful to make the claim that “Vitamin C is extremely unlikely to help people fight off the new coronavirus”? This is the rhetoric we’ve been hearing from mainstream media sources for quite a while, and articles posted on social media providing evidence that it may show some promise are being flagged by fact checkers as fake news. Again, if it was extremely unlikely, why use so many resources that are required to start a clinical trial in the first place? Why are we getting a completely different perspective from an MD in China that’s providing the world with updates? These are important questions to ask, as this example simply highlights one of the biggest problems that plagues the mainstream medical industry, which is a complete denial of the potential of natural treatments. Because these treatments cannot be patented and turned a profit, they are ridiculed, ignored and brushed off.

Be seeing you



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Dr Brownstein | Coronavirus IX: What to Avoid–Ibuprofen–And What to Take

Posted by M. C. on March 16, 2020

I have discussed what our CDC did in previous blog posts. They refused test kits from the WHO, developed their own faulty kits and refused private labs from testing sick individuals. The postmortem on this story will be ugly for the CDC. We are in a mess now with COVID-19 spreading across the country.

But, all is not lost. As I have detailed in other posts, there are many things you can do to improve your immune system and help you avoid COVID-19 problems:

Dr B’s blog

Coronavirus IX: What to Avoid–Ibuprofen–And What to Take

Our misery continues! Today, I went to buy my mother toilet paper at 6am and the local grocery store shelves were emptied. Do not fear, as I found it later at a different store. Later today, mom tasked me with finding eggs. That took two different stores as well before I found them!  But, this is a time NOT to panic.  It is a time to pull together and support each other.   Many are recovering uneventfully–we just don’t hear about it.  I have seen numerous patients over the past month that may have had it.  I couldn’t test them because of a lack of kits, but they all recovered.  Of course some are very sick and dying.  Overall, I believe we will come through this with a death rate similar or slightly higher than the rate for the common flu. But, we will never know the true numbers because of a lack of test kits.  I do not think this crisis will persist into the summer months. As we begin to test more patients, we will see the mortality rate decline.  Of course, those are only my predictions, as we know that viruses can mutate.  This virus is very contagious but it is a flu-like illness for most who get it.  That must be kept in mind. And, eating a healthy diet and maintaining optimal hydration can help dramatically. More about that later.

We are in this mess due to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). If the CDC had done their job, COVID-19 would be contained and manageable. The Powers-That-Be at the CDC failed miserably compared to other countries. My recent blog post “Coronavirus VIII: Why Does S. Korea Have Lower Death Rate Compared to US?” was about the success in S. Korea at fighting COVID-19. Taiwan is another example for the US CDC to learn from. As of March 13, Taiwan has 50 COVID-19 cases and 1 death. (1) Keep in mind that Taiwan is 81 miles from mainland China and has 24 million citizens. A March 3, 2020 JAMA article detailed the rapid and complete response the Taiwanese health authorities implemented at the beginning of this crisis.

December 31, 2019 was the day Chinese officials notified the WHO that Chinese citizens were suffering unusually severe cases of pneumonia. That same day Taiwan began monitoring all passengers who arrived from Wuhan. A few days later, they started monitoring all people who had travelled to Wuhan since December 20. They increased their surveillance and testing and the rest is history; 50 cases and 1 death as of March 13, 2020.

I have discussed what our CDC did in previous blog posts. They refused test kits from the WHO, developed their own faulty kits and refused private labs from testing sick individuals. The postmortem on this story will be ugly for the CDC. We are in a mess now with COVID-19 spreading across the country.

But, all is not lost. As I have detailed in other posts, there are many things you can do to improve your immune system and help you avoid COVID-19 problems:

– Eat a healthy diet FREE OF REFINED SUGAR! It should also be free of all refined food sources including salt, flour, and oils. Remember, refined sugar paralyzes the ability of white blood cells to perform their duties for hours.

– Make sure you always STAY WELL HYDRATED with clean water. Take your weight in pounds, divide the  number by 2 and the resultant number is the minimum amount of water in ounces to drink per day.

– NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS can help to improve the immune system’s ability to fight off an infection and to help it kill an active infection. I have over 25 years of practicing holistic medicine to back that statement up. I have seen it work. My partners have seen it work. My patients have seen it work.  We have used this approach successfully for many viral infections.  I have no doubt it will work for COVID-19 as well.

In my blog post “Coronavirus Part Vl: Why COVID-19 Is More Deadly to the Chinese” (3) I told you why COVID-19 was more deadly to younger Chinese males. Most Chinese men smoke cigarettes. Smoking increases ACE2 receptors in the lungs where COVID-19 has been shown to bind to. Similarly, ibuprofen has been shown to increase ACE 2 expression. (4) Ibuprofen should be avoided as it may enhance the infectious capabilities of COVID-19. Ibuprofen also causes problems for the kidneys and the GI tract. It is best to let the body utilize its innate abilities to fight an infection. One of the body’s main ways to do this is by mounting a fever. The increased body temperature is a way to mobilize the immune system into action as well as to enhance the killing effect of a foreign invader. Fevers can often be managed by tepid baths, lots of hydration and rest. It is important to maintain electrolyte balance with any infection but particularly when there is fever involved. Supplementing with unrefined salt is crucial here. It can be added to each glass of water. Again, it is best to work with a knowledgeable health care provider before doing any of the suggestions I have written about.

Acetaminophen should also be avoided for fevers.  It depletes a crucial antioxidant–glutathione.  In fact, acetaminophen should be severely limited for any condition.  It has a poor safety profile.

Dr. B’s antiviral protocol for his patients during acute illness or exposure to someone ill:

Vitamin A (NOT beta carotene)

– Adults: 100,000 IU/day for four days for adults (not pregnant or breast-feeding women)
– Children 25-50 pounds: 20,000 IU/day for four days
– Children 50-100 pounds: 50,000 IU/day for four days

Vitamin D3
– Adults: —50,000 IU/day for four days
– Children 25-50 pounds: 10,000 IU/day
– Children: 50-100 pounds: 25,000 IU/day

(Note: Both Vitamin A and D are fat-soluble vitamins. They can build up in the body. These doses are NOT meant to be taken for longer than four days at time. If you need to repeat the doses, seek advice from your physician.)

Vitamin C: 5-10,000 mg/day.  If you can take more, do it.  If you get loose stools, lower it.

Iodine: 25-100 mg/day and more if ill.  Kids can take lower doses.

-Children:  A useful number is to use 0.08mg/pound.

Don’t forget intravenous nutrient therapies are essential for helping the immune system in a time of crises.  A holistic doctor skilled in nutrient IV therapy can help guide you.  I have found IV hydrogen peroxide, ozone, and vitamin C wonderful treatments for my patients.  We would have a lot less death and misery from COVID-19 if these life-saving therapies were taught in medical schools and utilized in hospitals.

Final Thoughts:
This crises will pass. When it does, we need new leadership at CDC, FDA, and HHS. They have all failed us. You don’t have to wait for the Government to come to your rescue. You can take matters into your own hands. Find a holistic doctor who can help you achieve your optimal health. We are ready at the Center for Holistic Medicine to begin the journey with you.

To All Our Health,

Be seeing you



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Would It Be Unamerican To Refuse a Coronavirus Vaccination? – LewRockwell

Posted by M. C. on March 14, 2020

Protect yourself or let the government do it?

I know which way I am going.

By Bill Sardi

The day is going to come when the long-awaited coronavirus vaccine becomes available.  Will it be your civic duty to submit to vaccination?

I’m asking you why you are believing the scare tactics of the virologists, in particular that everyone will get infected with coronavirus.  Great!  Then nobody will need to get vaccinated!!  Because they will have already developed antibodies on their own.  This is the great ruse of the coronavirus.  Manipulation of the population by health authorities.

A few may be sickened – – smokers, diabetics, obese, the aged, etc.  The very weak may succumb to a viral infection that would otherwise cause only mild symptoms.  The healthy will either experience a mild fever or no symptoms at all.

A clinic in China reports 80% of infected individuals experienced no symptoms whatsoever.  The fearmongering virologists are frightening the public, urging people to self-quarantine, and not clueing in the public that vaccines will not be necessary for those who test positive for coronavirus but have developed antibodies on their own and have mild or no symptoms.   Don’t fall for the coronavirus con game.

But on a future trip to the doctor’s office, you are going to be confronted with the option to inoculate with a coronavirus vaccine.  Presume you will have a choice to get vaccinated against coronavirus.  How will you go about making that decision?  Do you have the gumption to say no to the doctor?

If you are like many others, you don’t want to get into any arguments (i.e. you don’t want to risk losing friendship over this, and you don’t want to alienate your doctor) and may not have time to read this entire report.  If you just want instruction about what to do to avoid the coronavirus and forget about the vaccine for now, skip forward to the last page of this report.

Better safe than sorry you say to yourself.  Better to get vaccinated.  I offer contrarian thoughts about vaccination against coronavirus.  But, “what if?… you ask.  I know that is what you are thinking.  Deep down there is fear.  And fear breeds poor decision making.  But you may already have antibodies to coronaviruses.  But only the vaccine gives peace of mind.

Little do we know, the problem is right there in your home – it’s your immune system.  And maintaining your immune system is much more powerful than vaccines.  In fact, vaccines don’t work without certain nutrients.

What is fear after all? It is indecision.

In light of the news reports surrounding the coronavirus epidemic, I now must ask: just how gullible are you?

How can a naïve public that believes almost everything it hears and sees on evening TV network news is the truth, in any way question the prevailing fear that coronavirus kills?  You don’t understand, after watching hours of network evening TV news over your lifetime, that the pharmaceutical companies and vaccine makers “own” TV news?  That what you are hearing is propaganda?

You mean to tell me, that after the CDC said that thousands more Americans (not really) died of the flu last year than this year, yet no panic resulted, no quarantines were called for, no hand-washing habits recommended or withdrawal from offering a handshake to friends?

“Evil draws its power from indecision and concern
for what other people think.”

Last year was worse than this year.  Why didn’t TV reporters run around and report each and every case of the flu last year as they are doing now with coronavirus?  The flu is just as deadly to older Americans as coronavirus.  So why have public health authorities and news media chosen to frighten the public and suggest the public begin self-quarantining themselves because of this newly mutated pathogen?

Do you think what you have been told about vaccines is true?  Do you think the American population is being set up, driven by fear, to clamor for a new vaccine?

You had better hope, in the rush to market, the new vaccine doesn’t have another hidden virus in it like the polio shot did, which increased the risk for cancer.

This coronavirus panic is fostered by self-interested parties who can’t even make enough people die to
totally convince you to vaccinate

You are/aren’t being lied to about vaccines?

What is the Centers for Disease Control’s history with regard to transparency and truthfulness regarding vaccination?

What if I showed you convincing evidence that Americans are being lied to about vaccines?  Over 9 in 10 school-age kids are vaccinated.  Dutiful Americans see that their kids get the shots because that is the American way.  I think there is too much fear-based pressure for parents to withhold their school-age children from being vaccinated, particularly in light of recent outbreaks of infectious diseases that are being blamed on anti-vaxxers (actually being caused by synthetic vaccines not providing life-long immunity like old-fashioned vaccines once did).  That’s social pressure.  But there is also legal pressure.  In fact, failure to vaccinate your children is now considered child neglect these days.

Did you know that many physicians don’t vaccinate their own kids like they recommend to parents? (That’s another lie, if not a betrayal of trust.)

So, let me throw some additional evidence in front of you.  Below is a chart showing the flu vaccine ineffectiveness for 15 consecutive years.

It’s what the above chart doesn’t reveal that is most troubling.  The data above does not reveal that every year the flu vaccine was almost worthless among the very young (under age 6) and the very old (over age 70), the highest risk groups for death from the flu.  That is because these two age groups are not able to produce sufficient antibodies after inoculation.  It is the immune system, not the vaccines, that is failing.

Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Reports (Feb 16, 2018), a federal publication, noted that 43% of the 100+ million Americans vaccinated against the flu in 2018 actually got the flu (maybe even from the vaccine itself).  The flu vaccine that year was barely effective for children and adults up to 49 years old, but “no statistically significant protection was observed in other age groups,” including people over age 65.

But the CDC had early data in its hands and its minions, pediatricians and pharmacists at drug stores that offer flu shots, were still urging folks to get vaccinated!  How’s that for deception?

Back to the coronavirus circus Read the rest of this entry »

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Special Alert: The Alarming Reason Some People Die From the Flu

Posted by M. C. on February 2, 2018

Story at-a-glance

  • While influenza can indeed be deadly in rare cases, these deaths are typically the result of secondary infections, not the flu virus itself
  • Research has highlighted the link between influenza and severe sepsis (blood poisoning). Symptoms of sepsis can mimic the flu, and are often overlooked. Without prompt treatment, the condition can be deadly
  • Use of intravenous vitamin C, hydrocortisone and thiamine has been shown to reduce sepsis mortality nearly fivefold, from 40 to 8.5 percent
  • Optimizing your vitamin D level is far more potent a preventive strategy than getting a seasonal flu vaccine. People with significant vitamin D levels may reduce their risk of respiratory infections such as influenza by 50 percent
  • People with higher vitamin D levels may also benefit from additional vitamin D, reducing their risk of flu by 10 percent, which equals the effectiveness of the seasonal flu vaccine, including this year’s vaccine


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