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Biden Administration Set To Appeal Ruling That Lifted Mask Mandate For Travel

Posted by M. C. on April 20, 2022

And the winner of the most ironic sentence of the day goes to White House spokesperson Jen Psaki, who after relying on court ruling after court ruling to enforce varying levels of health tyranny for the last 15 months, uttered the following in her out-loud voice…

“Public health decisions shouldn’t be made by the courts. They should be made by public health experts.”

Can you smell the fear?

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In a stunning move – soon to be filed under the “completely lost touch with America” folder – the Biden administration is reportedly planning to appeal the ruling that lifted the COVID mask mandate on travel, just hours after most major airlines and airports (and ground transportation) has dropped their mask rules.

It was evident this was coming earlier in the day after White House spokesperson Jen Psaki warned and Xavier Becerra, Biden’s health secretary, told reporters in Nevada, that “we are right now in the process of deciding, and we likely will appeal that ruling, but stay tuned.”

Jonathan Turley offered some insight before the actual decision was made to appeal if CDC thinks it necessary:

The Administration is going to have a hard time making this cat walks backwards. The cheering of passengers and pilots seemed as much as a communication to the Administration as it was a celebration.  A large number of airlines immediately declared the mandate to be dead and unenforceable. It is like throwing a retirement party for an employee before they have decided to go. It is a tad awkward to express doubts when someone is showing you the door.

That is why those cheering videos could have a greater impact on the White House than any CDC or DOJ recommendation. The Biden Administration could still appeal as it has in past such cases.  There will certainly be many DOJ lawyers asserting that they could win on appeal on the basis of agency deference. The question is who would tell the public. They may have to wait for the “ding, dong” parties to end.

But, given all that, they decided it was worth it…

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HHS, the Tip on Biden’s Spear Against Christians – The American Spectator | USA News and Politics

Posted by M. C. on January 3, 2022

by George Neumayr

Joe Biden spent much of his first year undoing the policies of his predecessor. Biden has taken special relish in wiping out Trump’s protections for the religious. Christians in particular have a target on their backs under Biden. He routinely calls them “discriminatory” for simply upholding historic teachings of Christianity.

Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services is the tip on his spear against Christians. In December, Republican senators and congressmen sent a letter to HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra blasting him for his attempts to exclude faith-based adoption and foster care agencies from government contracts.

“According to the Administration for Children & Families’ annual Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System (AFCARS) report, 407,493 children are in foster care, 117,470 of whom are waiting to be adopted. With these staggering numbers in mind, our primary goal should be safe, loving, and permanent placements for all children,” they wrote.

Becerra would rather see those tens of thousands of children languish without homes than turn them over to adoption and foster care agencies that do not conform to Biden’s LGBTQ agenda. This is utterly perverse. Those agencies, precisely because they operate according to moral and religious principles, are the best for children.

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Erie Times E-Edition Article-FDA unveils simpler hearing-aid rules for Americans

Posted by M. C. on October 20, 2021

Wow! You can get a hearing aid without government permission.

The article admits the FDA rules makes things expensive and hard to obtain. isn’t this the opposite of what is supposed to happen? The FDA can’t get hearing aids right. How do you think they would handle pandemic remedies?

The FDA will no doubt get more money so they can do what they have been doing better. I.E. failing.

The remedy for the FDA and all other three letter government agencies is to amputate them from our lives.

Health regulators on Tuesday unveiled their proposal to allow Americans to buy hearing aids without a prescription…

U.S. officials said Tuesday that the FDA change, when finalized, should spur competition and bring down prices.

“Today we open the door to an easier process and a more affordable process,” Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra told reporters…

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