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George Will: Yale offers tutorial in social descent

Posted by Martin C. Fox on September 5, 2017

It is hard to imagine American educational institutions becoming any more pathetic.

The carving, according to Yale Alumni Magazine, depicts “a hostile encounter: a Puritan pointing a musket at a Native American.” Actually, the Native American and the Puritan are looking not hostilely at each other but into the distance. Still, one can’t be too careful, so the musket has been covered with stone. This is unilateral disarmament: The Native American’s weapon, a bow, has not been covered up. Perhaps Yale thinks that armed white men are more “triggering” (this academic-speak means “upsetting to the emotionally brittle”) than armed people of color. National Review Online’s Kyle Smith drolly worries that Yale might be perpetuating harmful stereotypes.
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People Still Actually Pay To Attend Yale

Posted by Martin C. Fox on May 17, 2017

Yale Dean Apologizes After Calling People ‘White Trash’ and ‘Uneducated Morons’ in Yelp Reviews:

“Forced” to apologize. Surprised?

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