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The Real Reason Governments are Blaming Youtube for Terrorism | The Daily Bell

Posted by Martin C. Fox on March 25, 2017 

And that is what this all comes down to. The government wants control over the internet, control over what we say, and how we communicate.

The terrorists which the government supports and creates will be the excuse for government censorship and oppression of citizens under their control.

How laughable that the government claims to be doing everything they can. We all know that is not true.

But even more ridiculous is attempting to put all the blame on websites that host content. With massive amount of content on Youtube, how can they be expected to police every single video? They already review 98% of flagged content within 24 hours, and also within 24 hours they usually remove content that the government asks them to take down.

It sounds like Youtube is already on board with government censorship, but the British authorities want to go further. What we need is new laws, new fines, and punishment for companies who host extremist content, they say.

And what about failing to remove terrorists from the country? Should government officials face a new offence for that crime?

It’s not like these terrorists are carrying out precision attacks which require training and special knowledge. They are driving cars through crowds of people. They are opening fire in public.

Videos surely can lead to extremism. The government should know, they run the media which leads to widespread support of bombing the hell out of anything that moves in the middle east. While handfuls of westerners were killed in terror attacks, hundreds of innocent Iraqis were bombed to death by America.

So governments can literally fund all the terrorism they want, but if Youtube allows a video promoting terrorism to remain on their sharing platform, they are the ones causing the extremism that leaks violently back into the west.

Last but not least is the $$$. War Is a Racket wrote General Smedley Butler. He should know.

Well, it’s good business,” she said. “In the first year of the war [in Yemen], the U.S. sold $20 billion worth of arms to Saudi Arabia, and Saudi Arabia has been buying more and more weapons as a result of this war, and the same goes for the British government as well,” she said. “Really it all boils down to financial gain and that’s the greatest win really for the U.S., but it’s an extremely costly one obviously for the civilian population of Yemen.”


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Why Is The US Military In Yemen? Why Aren’t Saudi Troops Doing The Dirty Work?

Posted by Martin C. Fox on March 17, 2017

Navy SEALs startled by terrorists’ combat readiness in Yemen mission

The mission, the first of President Trump’s administration, is widely regarded as a failure, and while the White House continues to claim that intelligence was recovered during the raid, Pentagon officials have repeatedly conceded that what was recovered was largely things they already knew, and a collection of telephone numbers containing no specifically actionable intelligence. Read the rest of this entry »

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Saying What Needs To Be Said – LewRockwell

Posted by Martin C. Fox on March 7, 2017

In fact, it is completely standard for U.S. presidents.” And like his predecessors in the “war on terror”—Bush and Obama— Trump never mentioned the dead civilians that the U.S. military left in its wake. 

Ryan Owens died senselessly. He died for a lie. He died in vain. He died in service to the state. He died as a pawn in the hands of Uncle Sam. He died for a deeply flawed U.S. foreign policy. He died in a place he had no business going. He died for U.S. hegemony. He died for the military/industrial complex. He died for empire.
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Pakistan is next on the Empire’s list

Posted by Martin C. Fox on September 27, 2011

I thought Yemen would be next to be invaded by the forces of freedom and goodness.  Pakistan looks to be where it is at.  It is tough to win hearts and minds when we are burning down the village, by remote control, at the same time.  See here and here for the lowdown on the latest terrorist soup du jour.

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