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My Senator Casey (Another Letter to Editor)

Posted by M. C. on July 23, 2011

Last December our President offered a multi-billion dollar bribe in the form of F35 aircraft to Israel to stop

building settlements. Shortly thereafter Israel announced the settlements would not stop.

I sent  an email to our Senator Casey’s office asking if the bribe was still going to be paid as AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs

Committee-Israel’s lobby) has Congress in its back pocket (Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu’s words, not mine).  I also

asked that while Israel has done a lot TO us what exactly, specifically has it done FOR us.  This was late

December.  I sent several reminders and was told twice that this was sent to the “foreign affairs expert” for a

response.  Finally the week of 3 April I received a form letter reply that said “…there has been a debate to cut

funding to Israel..I support robust funding.”  Casey answered none of my questions and was very late in doing so.

Probably too busy licking boots.  I recently asked Casey when he would stand up to the President and ask why we

went to war in Libya without first going to Congress as the Constitution requires.  Maybe I will have an answer

next fall.

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