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Patriot Act-When to say NO to searches.

Posted by M. C. on September 1, 2011

I urge you to read this Bill Rounds post as a corollary to the patriot act comment in my armored vehicle posting.  My next task is to determine where one can NOT video a police action and which states are “No Name”.  Any help out there?

3 Responses to “Patriot Act-When to say NO to searches.”

  1. Ro said

    In NC, there are numerous ‘Sobriety Checkpoints’ when a road is shut down and EVERYone is stopped, id checked, intwrviewed and hopefully, allowed to proceed (albeit late) with their lives! This will be especially in evidence this weekend!
    What bugs me is you don’t have to be driving badly for this to happen to you! And it totally ignores my right to catch a plane ontime and get to work ontime!!

  2. Let’s hope we never have to go through a roadside porno scan.

  3. Ro said

    Re: face scanning:
    I predict outrageous makeup/facial prostheses to be in vogue soon! A ‘Drivers’ Mask’ might successfully obscure someones’ features so as to render the scan obsolete! DMV photos on licenses are notoriously lousy, so who would know?? Wink!

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