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Militarization-Why I Don’t Like Erie PA’s New Armored Vehicle

Posted by Martin C. Fox on August 27, 2011

The new armored vehicle recently acquired by the NW PA Emergency Response Group seems relatively mundane. The concept bothers me none-the-less. The nationwide militarization of our police departments is a scary thing. What are police departments doing with armored personnel carriers, arrays of automatic weapons and, yes, stockpiles of bayonets? I haven’t seen this in our local police agencies but police in many places no longer “protect and serve”. They “take and hold“. Think Waco TX. A lady j-walks and is slammed to the ground and partially paralyzed. There is more than one case of harmless street person is beaten or shot to death by a gang of police. The department of education’s swat team storms a home, keeping the father and children prisoner for 6 hours only to find the culprit, a women in arrears on her loan payments, hadn’t lived there for 6 months. A swat team enters a school looking for a shooter terrifying students and parents. No one knew it was only a drill. And this story. These are only a few of the events that were news but not in the news.  The police are not taken to task, partly because spineless politicians are afraid of police unions. Then again that fear may be justified.  No, this new vehicle does not make me feel safer.  Google William Norman Grigg for more background.  While you are in the mood, think about how the patriot act is encouraging this domestic militarism. It’s primary purpose is becoming less to find terrorists than to come down on pot users, anyone suspected of the crime du jour or someone making the grave mistake of questioning authority.  Telling a cop at a road block that its none of his business where you are going or asking what is the probable cause for that illegal search of your home could cause your teeth to be ground into the ground or worse.  If you have more than a few bucks on your person say goodbye to that too.  It “could” be evidence.  Bet you didn’t know the patriot act and those bulletproof tire treads were designed for you!  The more I think about it, I could use an armored personnel carrier myself.

Update:  More opinion from Paul Craig Roberts.

Update: The big Apple has tanks and soon a submarine.


One Response to “Militarization-Why I Don’t Like Erie PA’s New Armored Vehicle”

  1. Doug Rowley said

    If you ever have watched the tv show “Cops” you would know that the guy without the shirt on is going to jail. So always wear a shirt (even at home) and point out the guy without one to the police. Seriously, the line between police and military is being continually blurred. Soon we won’t know the difference. I think that’s the idea.

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