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The CERN cloud machine and Australia

Posted by M. C. on September 3, 2011

We recently spent 2 weeks in Tasmania. What a beautiful place with great people especially our host, her family and friend(s). We can’t wait to get back. I have tried to keep up with the goings on before and since our visit. One thing that jumps out at any visitor is the fact that green is big in Australia. Really big. Prime Minister Julia Gilliard’s goal in life is to implement a carbon price on electricity. Everyone acknowledges the resultant increase in electric costs will hit everyone hard. Australia’s economy is relatively good but even they have to make big cuts. There is no extra cash. The government acknowledges it will have to hand out credits in some form to companies and individuals to compensate for the carbon tax burden. Gilliard wants to cripple the people and economy with a new tax. Then she will have to beg borrow or print money to compensate the citizenry. You have to be fair to the public about the earnings that you just stole from them.

Much of Australia’s competition comes from nearby Southeast Asia. Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Indonesia. Do you think these countries will put a carbon ball and chain on their economies. I don’t think so. The scientists at the CERN collider were worried about creating a black hole the first time the collider was fired up. Julia Gilliard is doing it all by herself with this fiasco. Particle physics is easier to understand than the supposed benefits of the carbon tax.

The Climategate email release illustrated the lies and deceit associated with the global warming money machine.  Rick Perry is right when he says it is about the grant money.  Al Gore’s interest is in the resultant contracts for the green companies of which he is a board member.  CERN recently released data that points to the sun as having the greatest influence on our weather. The presence or absence of cosmic particles belched out by ol’ Sol may affect the formation of clouds, raising or lowering temperatures. Their data refutes the famous “hockey stick” temperature spike fabricated by Professor Mann of Penn State.  I recall reading he has recently been promoted.  Such is the power of being able to obtain grant money.  The power of that grant money is also felt at CERN as it’s director downplayed their results.

Climate change most likely is happening. The earth is constantly changing. The question is whether climate change is manmade or not.  Or rather is the cause something we can actually do something about.  We will go green all by ourselves, there is no stopping the movement, too many people want it. It is a good thing. But it is not going to really take off until it is economically feasible. It is the natural way of things. No different than me waiting for the price of that 40″ digital TV to go farther down until I decide to buy.  That is not fast enough for the AlGoreans  They want governments to meddle and get other people’s money working for their benefit. The carbon tax is ill timed at best and will greatly distort the natural market forces. Thanks to CERN we know it is quite likely the cross Julia Gilliard is asking her country to bear will solve absolutely nothing.

One Response to “The CERN cloud machine and Australia”

  1. Ro said

    It’s too late! We shoulda done something in the ’70s when we all marched under the green-striped ecology flag, but now, any ‘green tax’ or any other ‘carbon assesment’ only serves to hobble the economy!
    Glacier National Park is already down to 1 glacier, the glaciers indiginous people in the Andes for water supply are already gone, Antartica is calving into the shipping lanes, and now Greenland is about to lose another ice shelf 4x the size of Manhattan. It’s too late for any mitigation now!
    It is the ‘Day After Tomorrow’ and we can’t put the geni back into the bottle, no matter how much money we throw at it!

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