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What do Anders Breivik, Interventionist Foreign Policy and the Drug War have in common? Maybe a lot. Gladio and Knights Templar and Far West LLC-Oh My!

Posted by Martin C. Fox on September 8, 2011

Peter Dale Scott contends that Norway’s Breivik did not act alone, contrary to the official explanation. This is an extremely deep and convoluted story and I have just scraped the surface, but here goes.

The opener:

Mr, Scott begins by examining the composition of Breivik’s texts and videos as well as his use of an ammonium nitrate bomb. His contention that Breivik could not finance nor produce the quality of work by himself.

Some of the Players:

When NATO was formed member nations had to secretly recruit and supply organizations that would rise to the call if left-wing or communist entities should attempt to come to power or occupy any given country. The group in Italy came to be known as Gladio. These groups have morphed into anti-democratic activist groups, with much of the NATO/CIA arms caches still available. The CIA was heavily involved and Gladio would not exist without them. Gladio was behind the 1969 bombings in Italy as well as the assassination of premier Aldo Moro when he played to the leftists in Italian government. Presumably these Gladio groups hold Muslims in the same regard.

The Euronationalist Knights Templar is a counter-jihadist, anti-Islam organization headed by former neo-Nazi Nick Gregor. Breivek’s association would help advertise their cause-ridding Europe of Muslims.

Far West LLC was started by Soviet intelligence officers as a military arms sales consulting company. Their forte seems to be illegal arms and drug sales on a massive scale. Those that have dealt with them legally and otherwise include the Russian government, Russian mafia, the CIA, Halliburton, Kellog Brown and Root and even Neil Bush and Joe Biden! The drug sales are what power arms purchases and, unfortunately, Al Qaeda and the Taliban. The CIA all to often has fostered illegal drug sales if it helps fund a favorite project or group. Supposedly Dick Cheney used Far West LLC to help broker a Ukrainian KH-55 (scud?) missile deal with Iran so the US could claim Iran had WMDs. The sources I found are Russian for what that is worth.


What does this have to do with some zealot in Norway? Scott says these groups can only thrive when there is chaos. Setting up Breivik to cause a major incident would call attention to the anti-Islamist cause and inspire the activist groups that would benefit from the drugs for arms trade.

The big picture is much more complex. There are many more powerful, scary players. If any of this whets your appetite check out Peter Scott Dale’s “Drugs, Oil and War”, “Norway’s Terror as Systematic Destabilization: Breivik, the Arms-for-Drugs Milieu, and Global Shadow Elites” at and Daniele Ganser’s “Terrorism in Western Europe: An Approach to NATOs Secret Stay-Behind Armies” on the web. Wikipedia Gladio and Grey Wolves.

Just think how much less worldwide misery there would be if we didn’t finance CIA fiascos and if drugs were legal.


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