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Obama’s “Leadership” in the Affordable Care Act fiasco is really just figuring out what you can get away with

Posted by Martin C. Fox on February 26, 2012

The “Guest Voice” Jean Jones in today’s 26 Feb Erie Times-News wants us to believe Obama’s backing off on forced birth control insurance coverage is some great act of leadership.

Obama considered the concerns of devout Catholics…

Obama’s recent announcement on this matter reflects his strong commitment to both preserving religious liberty and protecting women’s health. He listened to the concerns of religious organizations and understood them…

Obama’s decision demonstrated the sort of thoughtful and reflective leadership that we would hope for in our president.

I am going to faint!

This aspect of the affordable care is nothing more than big, Obama style progressive government attempting to gain more control over the proletariat by, in part, dictating to insurance companies want they will cover and to us what we must accept.  The “great leadership” is simply Obama realizing he grabbed too much at once.  What sort of “leader” thinks he can lie to the Pope’s man in the US and get away unscathed?  The Catholic community apparently has a lower tolerance for bald-faced lies than the lamestream media.  One hears the argument that most Catholics don’t pay any attention to the rules.  Maybe so, but guess what, it does not matter.  It not big brother’s business.  Big government is about money, power and control-over you and me all for our own good of course.  Benevolence had nothing to do with Obama’s backpedaling.  Obama bit more than he could chew.  I am sure Obama will be back for seconds.  Just as with the “under the radar” Fast and Furious anti-gun program Obama bragged to Sarah Brady about maybe the next program will be called “High and Mighty”.  After all the lamestream press thinks he “like a god“.


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