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Gerson, Ten years of Wasted Lives and and an Ally in Al Qaeda

Posted by M. C. on March 6, 2012

Michael Gerson, war party columnist, tells us how the recent Koran burning is only a minor blip.  There is a little over-reaction by the Taliban but no big deal.  Pat Buchanan actually puts some thought into this

If Afghans cannot understand this mistake and have no other way to express their rage than rioting and ranting, “Death to America!” what kind of raw material are we working with in building a Western-style democracy in any foreseeable century?

Afghan soldiers are shooting Americans but it is no more than “disturbing”.  It certainly appears to be happening more frequently probably more than we hear in the lamestream media.  IED attacks are going through the roof.  Dear Michael says Hamid Karzai is really our friend and the Afghan troops are doing so much better.  Suurrre.  Karzai is expert at playing both sides and being in charge of the most corrupt ME government.  Didn’t we hear recently about how after ten years the Afghan army is useless?  Gerson is worried about too hasty a retreat from “fragile” Afghanistan.  “Too hasty”, “fragile” after 10 years and thousands of ruined, wasted lives, both American and Afghan?  Two world wars were fought and won in less time.  Now the Gerson’s war party wants to start WWW III by taking on Iran who is much more formidable than Iraq and Iran.

The truth is the Afghans and the rest of the Middle East do not want and are incapable of democracy.  Revisit Buchanan above.  The underdogs want to get control and be left alone.  America is not seen as a liberator but as an occupier.  The “democracy” in Iraq has turned an enemy of Iran into their friend.  Eqypt, once tolerant of Israel because we poured in the dollars, is now it’s enemy.  Al-Qaeda is our ally in wanting to kick Assad out of Syria.  That is only fitting since we helped give Al-Qaeda its start as the Mujahideen.  W’s pushing for democratic elections in Gaza put Hamas in command there.  Can you say “blow back“?  Can we say the Middle East is a better place after 10+ years of winning hearts and minds?  US foreign policy is a mess.

But then again with only another half a trillion dollars and a few thousand more lost lives and blown off limbs we could be singing Kumbaya around the campfire with those people whom we make hate our guts.  Just two more years OK?


One Response to “Gerson, Ten years of Wasted Lives and and an Ally in Al Qaeda”

  1. Mike Rowley said

    The burning of the Koran was probably done on orders from Washington. It was probably the plan to burn and ileak it to Afgan public to get these zealots. all worked up to do what they were expected to do. So what if some Westerners were killed, small price to pay. After all special ops like this always have a human cost. Now as these 7th century zealots get more and more wound up, Obama can use this as an excuse to pull out before the election. Claiming that the situation is untenable. This way he can appear as a hero to the fawning sheeple. The sheeple are’nt big on critical thinking so this probable Special Op will be a success for the Administration.

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