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Maxine Waters Tells Us What We Already Know

Posted by M. C. on March 24, 2012

def: gaffe 1. When one accidentally says what one really thinks.


This is the liberal bottom line.  The Communist Party of the US did not field a candidate last election and endorsed Obama.  No doubt dear Maxine would get the same support.  You won’t hear about this video on CBS, CNN or NPR.

One Response to “Maxine Waters Tells Us What We Already Know”

  1. Mike Rowley said

    Liberals want to turn America into a Communist State. Some liberals may envision a communist “lite’ version without the hyper violence, but they would be silenced by the hardliners. The hardliners would consolidate their power fairly quickly. The majority of blacks who have been radicalized since the 1930’s would then want their due. Whatever that may be. Then we would see the true face of integration and brotherhood as it was always meant to be. This and a mutitude of other reasons is the reason we have to know that LIBERALISM is a mental illness. A religion of envy. A cult of entitlement. When they consolidate their power the happy face mask that they wear will come off. The happy talk will cease.

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