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Why Give the IRS $500M to Enforce Obamacare? Plus A secret You Aren’t supposed to know

Posted by Martin C. Fox on April 15, 2012

Why does the IRS need $500M to enforce Obamacare?  This is very scary.  What is the IRS/Obamacare relationship?  The enforcer.  Obviously all your private healthcare information is readily available to the IRS.  I don’t even want to think about it.

Think about this.   Like the above link says, even if we can’t repeal a repulsive law, we can pressure congress not to fund it.  That is the secret we aren’t supposed to know.  Making it work for us is obviously quite a challenge.    That is what blogs, letters to the editor, emails to representatives and angry voices on TV and radio help us to do.

Remember even if your weak kneed, scum bucket of a congressperson regularly votes your Constitutional Rights away (like mine Casey, Toomey and Kelly), they can still veto appropriations.  But don’t count on it unless it is a voice vote.

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