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As the beast of Obamacare is put out of its misery, health care innovations spring up, starting with Amazon, et al

Posted by Martin C. Fox on February 1, 2018

Government out, free market in. It can’t be any worse. Still, not happy JP Morgan is involved. It is a shame most big banks are crooked as a dog’s hind leg.

The stock market was rattled by news of a bigfoot new entrant in healthcare, slowly coming up the horizon … thud … thud … like Godzilla, stomping everything in its path.

Investor’s Business Daily, in its editorial, noted the that that reaction to the news that Amazon was teaming up with Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase was the sign of a disruptive force in the market, writing: Read the rest of this entry »


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Obamacare And Republicrats-What Is The Fix?

Posted by Martin C. Fox on August 2, 2017

The failure to repeal Obamacare tells us a few things.

Despite X number of attempts to repeal, the Republicans never had a replacement plan.

Now that Republicans control the white house all but a few do NOT want to repeal. Full repeal, skinny repeal, any repeal-Nope, no way. It is all “Fake”.

Too many sheeple have been sucked in. Voter rebellion would be devastating.

Obamacare repeal was a campaign issue and nothing more. Republicans never wanted repeal. That is because Republicans are Democrats.

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Trump’s Futile Faith in His Market-Based Negotiating Skills

Posted by Martin C. Fox on May 1, 2017

That law was a monstrosity from day one. Surrendering American sovereignty to some international organization is always a bad idea. From a philosophical standpoint, getting a better deal out of NAFTA is a bad idea. It means surrendering to the idea of the transfer of any national sovereignty to an unelected agency of the New World Order. 
All you need to remember one line from this post- Surrendering American sovereignty to some international organization is always a bad idea.

Think UN.

Be seeing you


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UN Interference with Efforts to Repeal and Replace Obamacare – 

Posted by Martin C. Fox on April 30, 2017

The Washington Post has uncovered a transmittal letter dated February 2, 2017 from the UN Office of High Commissioner of Human Rights, forwarding to the then acting U.S. Secretary of State, Thomas Shannon, Jr., a complaint from one of the UN’s Special Rapporteurs about plans to repeal and replace Obamacare.  This Special Rapporteur “on the right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health,” Dainius Puras, believes it is within his mandate to intervene in the internal debate going on within the U.S. Congress and the executive branch as to what to do about Obamacare. 

Imagine Hillary being a UN pawn in running Obamacare. How long before the UN would have been running the whole show.

We are running too close to the edge. Too close to disaster. Something stupid like this could easily end the Republic.

Dreaded nationalism, America Firstism has arrived just in time. 

Be seeing you

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Is Health Care a Right? – LewRockwell

Posted by Martin C. Fox on March 30, 2017

The regulatory structure of Obamacare orders every primary care physician to keep all medical records on personal computers, to which the Department of Health and Human Services has access. Thus, the long-revered and uniquely American value of the patient-physician privilege — the certain knowledge that your doctor will not reveal what you tell her or him — has been obliterated. The statute also has given the secretary of HHS unreviewable powers to regulate intricacies of the delivery of health care in America.
I didn’t know that either.

Be seeing you

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How the Government Ruined U.S. Healthcare and What We Can Do About It

Posted by Martin C. Fox on March 23, 2017

How the Government Ruined U.S. Healthcare — and What We Can Actually Do About It

March 21, 2017 at 3:53 pm





(ANTIMEDIA Op-Ed) Government’s meddling in the healthcare business has been disastrous from the get-go.

Since 1910, when Republican William Taft gave in to the American Medical Association’s lobbying efforts, most administrations have passed new healthcare regulations. With each new law or set of new regulations, restrictions on the healthcare market went further, until at some point in the 1980s, people began to notice the cost of healthcare had skyrocketed.

This is not an accident. It’s by design.

As regulators allowed special interests to help design policy, everything from medical education to drugs became dominated by virtual monopolies that wouldn’t have otherwise existed if not for government’s notion that intervening in people’s lives is part of their job.

But how did costs go up, and why didn’t this happen overnight?

It wasn’t until 1972 that President Richard Nixon restricted the supply of hospitals by requiring institutions to provide a certificate-of-need.

Just a couple years later, in 1974, the president also strengthened unions for hospital workers by boosting pension protections, which raise the cost for both those who run hospitals and taxpayers in cases of institutions that rely on government subsidies. This move also helped force doctors who once owned and ran their own hospitals to merge into provider monopolies. These, in turn, are often only able to keep their doors open with the help of government subsidies.

This artificial restriction on healthcare access had yet another harsh consequence: overworked doctors.

But they weren’t the first to feel the consequences hit home. As the number of hospitals and clinics became further restricted and the healthcare industry became obsessed with simple compliance, patients were the first to feel abandoned.

According to Business Insider, the average doctor has thousands of patients, and each visit lasts less than 30 minutes. Prior to the government’s slow but absolute control of health care, the doctor listened to the patient — many old timers will confirm — even if they couldn’t afford itFew were turned down. Now, doctors can hardly recall the conversations they have with the people they are supposed to be looking after.

As President Barack Obama pushed further restrictions on the insurance industry by touting his Affordable Care Act as a piece of legislation that would make insurance more affordable — ignoring that insurance isn’t the same as care — the overall cost of coverage also increased over the years. And as a result, a new group of independent healthcare professionals went on to ignite one of the most liberating revolutions in recent U.S. history.

Direct Primary Care: Removing Artificial Restrictions from the Picture

Business Insider chronicles the story behind Dr. Bryan Hill’s practice.

As a pediatrician, Hill spent most of his life dealing with insurance companies. But one day after answering an impromptu house call, he decided he had had enough.

That’s when he learned about primary care clinics. These offices remain open by giving patients memberships in exchange for a monthly fee that covers most of what the average patient requires. As a result, the patient pays the doctor directly, and neither party is forced to navigate the complicated rules imposed by insurance companies.

In September 2016, Hill opened his practice in South Carolina, and he’s not planning on going back. But he’s just one of many. As ACA became increasingly suffocating to patients and providers, many doctors ditched the system altogether while others went into the primary care business.

On average, members of these direct primary care clinics pay as little as $60 per month, with couples paying about $150. Without having to handle heavily regulated middlemen, patients have a clearer picture of how much they spend on their health by being members of such practices. They also enjoy the peace of mind of knowing their doctor.

Studies have already demonstrated that when there is good communication between doctors and patients, treatments are more efficient. This is not simply because doctors are giving patients attention, but also because they are able to tailor a certain treatment to that patient’s lifestyle, health, and activities.

By removing the government entirely from the picture and allowing patients and doctors to once again deal directly with one another, the practice of embracing primary care helps to illustrate the importance of an individual and personalized approach to health care.

For governments and government bureaucrats, everything is dealt with from a collective perspective — after all, if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

When government gets involved in health care, everything looks like another number, another statistic. But what bureaucrats fail to understand is that they do not possess all the answers. Only a doctor who is paying attention will be better able to help the individual patient — not a few thousand new regulations.

In essence, what this growing movement seems to suggest is that, even if doctors and patients are unaware of the interventionist forces driving the cost of doing business and receiving medical attention, they’re still driven into the open arms of the free market at some point or another. In the end, needs speak louder than ideology

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Ryan Warns: “You Must Pass My Health Care Bill or Else.” Let’s Hear It for “Else.”

Posted by Martin C. Fox on March 20, 2017

What I am hoping for is this: some Republican conservative is going to submit a bill that abolishes the requirement that individuals purchase healthcare insurance. I think that would get through Congress. That would cripple the program, and it would liberate millions of Americans who are being forced to purchase high-premium, high-deductible, third-rate insurance policies.
Be seeing you

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Drones and Obamacare, Waivers and Lies

Posted by Martin C. Fox on June 22, 2015

The ‘surprise’ killing via drone of an Al Qaeda big shot had me thinking. Didn’t our president tell us we were not going to guess anymore at who we ‘drone’? The victims were going to have to be more than just ‘suspect’ and not civilian?

It was those darn secret waivers. See here.

Obama’s waivers did not end with Obama’s union cronies. (Psst, join the SEIC and get hired because your employer won’t have to shell out for mandated healthcare). Now countries get drone waivers only the recipients don’t feel to healthy.

Obama tells the nation that his drone reform legislation will double down on the evidence that whomever we are assassinating is really a terrorist. While signing with his left hand he is writing secret waivers for Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen with his right.

Just another day in Foggy Bottom.

Be seeing you

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Public Broadcasting – A Spigot For It’s Progressive Supporters

Posted by Martin C. Fox on November 27, 2013

Personal research I did long ago indicated to me that the many “Foundations” that fund public broadcasting are Progressive and anti-second amendment.

I believe in the 1990s there was a week-long NPR series dedicated to anti-gun propaganda.   I immediately gave up contributing to my local station.  I have not seen any general improvements in the intervening years.

Now we have the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, a name familiar to public media viewers, funding Families USA to the tune of $1.1Million.  Families USA is connected with the Obama Administration, The Herndon Alliance and Enroll USA, the groups promoting Obamacare enrollment.  See here. Read the rest of this entry »

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Pa 1834 Education Act vs Obamacare

Posted by Martin C. Fox on November 24, 2013

William Sesler once again has the pulpit in the 24 Nov Erie Times News Editorial slot. He compares the controversies surrounding Obamacare to those surrounding the PA 1834 Education Act.

Mr. Seslers’s point is that public education is such a great success and, of course, Obamacare will be also. There are some potential comparisons missing from the editorial.

Did the 1834 Education Act comprise 2400 pages with a (typical of today) fully optioned length of 10 times the original? Read the rest of this entry »

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