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What is worse than the FDA? The Senate creating S 3187 an FDA Bill.

Posted by M. C. on May 28, 2012

The Senate passed 96-1 bill S 3187 authorizing $6.4B in FDA user fees over five years. The bill seeks to prevent shortages and spur new drug development. How, one may ask, does added legislation and user fees spur development? I don’t know either.Added fees certainly will not reduce consumer cost. It won’t add to drug company costs. Companies do not pay fees (taxes), they merely collect them from us and pass them along to the Leviathan.

Penalties will be stiffened for counterfeit drugs. “Counterfeit” is no doubt meant to include low-cost effective imports. Senator Bernard Sanders I-VT was the only no vote. He says the bill does not do enough to lower drug costs. Very astute. My first thought is that an Independent would have some inherent sense. But then there is Joe Lieberman.

So you think you have the Senate figured out. Then they go ahead and kill an amendment to the above bill that would require supplement companies to register with and come under the thumb of the FDA. This is very strange as the FDA and AMA want to put the screws to (regulate) those free-spirited supplement providers. Dietitians are pushing for legislation to make it illegal for anyone other than registered dietitians to recommend supplements. This prohibitions include your doctor and pharmacist.

The human race did pretty well before the FDA and I think we would be better off without their burdensome, costly regulations and excessive mandated waiting times for new products.

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One Response to “What is worse than the FDA? The Senate creating S 3187 an FDA Bill.”

  1. Doug Rowley said

    Inefficient at best, self serving and corrupt, deserving of a thorough investigation. Like many federal agencies, this one should probably be given the the boot.

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