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Mother of Mercy-Is This The End of Chrysler?

Posted by Martin C. Fox on June 3, 2012

Mazda dumps Ford for failing Fiat? Their CFO must be Bernanke.

Mother of Mercy-Is This the End?

Obama takes over GM and starts running the show.  Bigwigs gets fired and Obama tells GM they have to sell green cars.  Government Motors subsequently shuts down the Volt production line for 5 weeks because no one wants to buy an overpriced electric falsely advertised hybrid that has no range. If Big Bother sold off his GM stock now the tax payers would lose 10$ of billions.

Next the O-Man facilitates Chrysler’s sale to Fiat, another government supported white elephant. Fiat sales are down despite cutting labor costs. The Italian company can’t turn cost savings into sales. Now the Italian tax payers, the few that actually pay their taxes, have purchased their own white elephant, Chrysler. Why haven’t we seen or heard much about what Fiat intends to do with their new bambino? Nothing appears to be happening. Fiat can’t figure out their own failing operation, that is why.

This does not look good for Chrysler.

I have to wonder what convinced Mazda to hook up to this long black train.  I hope Mazda can unravel this giant plate of spaghetti.

Thank you for your insight Mr. Obama.

Be seeing you


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