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Soros-Dionne Expose’

Posted by Martin C. Fox on June 17, 2012

The progressive’s progressive tells us how the Republican Billionaires are taking over the presidential election

Dionne bemoans the current regulations that permit big contributions to PACS. In true big government, big spending, neo-liberal fashion the solution to too much spending is even more spending. Dionne thinks the likes of Buffet, Blomberg and Soros should start pumping $Millions into PACS in the spirit of fairness. Looking at this from another perspective, someone like George Will may say that is fine. Both sides being able to spend as they wish.

I have a news flash! George Soros is ahead of the curve. His recent offerings to various PACS amounts to $50M.

This eclipses the infamous Koch brothers recent efforts on the other side.

Soros knows how to remain behind the scenes. His famed is quite muted. He apparently has a lot of control over the submissive, obedient liberal media. One has to look hard for mention of The Open Society, New World Order, Agenda 21 and UN Small Arms Control in close proximity to mention of Soros. Soros and Dionne are undoubtedly smitten.

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