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I Wish I was a Real Economist, Then I could Explain Mercantilism

Posted by Martin C. Fox on June 11, 2012

Economics is part of everything we do, not just buying or selling.  Do I save this week’s allowance or go out to dinner?  Do I spend my time cutting grass or watching the ball game?  Do I throw myself on the grenade or run like hell?  Weighing the benefits of everyday decisions is economics in action.  Economics extends into every facet of life.

There are a lot of economic related concepts

POTUS Obama is a corporatist, among other things.  He doesn’t want the government to own companies, just tell them what to do.  When failure eventually comes the company CEO gets the blame.  Think promoting the Chevy Volt, then shutting down its factories because no one wants an effectively 30-40 mile per charge car, costing 3X the conventional import that has  good mileage.  Mercantilism is corporatism’s black sheep relative.  It is the free market Corleone style.

I can’t explain it but Gary North can.


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