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Afghanistan – Powerful Major Ally Commitment? Powerful BS.

Posted by Martin C. Fox on July 8, 2012

The Associated Press (translator  for Big Brother Broadcasting) tells us Goddess of Statespersonship Hillary hails Afghanistan as our newest “major non-NATO ally”. The blurb fails to tell us what Afghanistan has done to be worthy of this honor. Apparently it is their ability to absorb $4B a year’s worth of taxpayers dollars for “stabilization”. “International donors” will contribute. The donors are unnamed as is the US fraction of the total. I therefore estimate the US fraction will be approximately 100%.

The first thing to be stabilized will be the linings of the Karzai brothers pockets. There IS honor among thieves and liars.  The loot will also help Afghanistan “expand its military capacity and have a broader relationship with the US”. When we leave a few $Billion worth of US military equipment, not to mention what was stolen and “lost”, I would think that would suffice for a while. It would be a lovely thing though to “broaden our relationship” with those we occupy and subjugate for control of their oil resources and pipeline routes.

I suspect the real reason is as suggested here.  An excuse to maintain a US military presence and cushion the shock when enemies that were forced to live together post WW I finally explode like matter meeting anti-matter.

Failure is Success! War is Peace! Occupation is Freedom!

All hail Hillary!

Be seeing you


One Response to “Afghanistan – Powerful Major Ally Commitment? Powerful BS.”

  1. Mike Rowley said

    The only reason to station American forces in Afganistan is to be a Rapid Deployment Force for Israel. In case they get bogged down invading one of their neighbors Americans can be sent to die for them. Or they can be the resident sacrficial lambs to be offered up as excuses to return in force when they are killed. The same reason the USA has troops in South Korea. They are there to be killed during an invasion from the North. Thus providing the excuse to return in great numbers. As for the Karzai Bros. They are the new breed of statesmen / pawns of the Empire Americana.

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