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Why PA Should(n’t) Opt for a Single Payer Health Care System

Posted by Martin C. Fox on July 6, 2012

Why PA Should(n’t) Opt for a Single Payer Health Care System.

The 6 July Erie-Times point-counterpoint has David Steil of Health Care 4 All PA arguing in favor of Obamacare. He feels a monopoly , single payer health care, is superior to the competitive market place. Government sees monopoly as appalling everywhere except in government. Name one thing where the government is successful and efficient.

Not in pharmaceuticals.

Not in containing health costs.

Maybe Mexico is the place to get healthy.Mr Steil says Obamacare is cost effective and economical. Mr. Steil has amazing foresight considering it won’t be in effect until 2014.  As the CBO analysis explains, Obamacare potential costs keep going up.  Then there is Caterpillar’s analysis. Cost to them is estimated to be $100,000,000 in the first year.

As of a year ago Obama had already given 1300 some Obamacare waivers, mostly to unions. Why waive, one might ask, if Obamacare is such a godsend? Maybe because the costs will be high and letting his union buddies off the hook, at our expense, will be a winner at the polls. We in PA know how valuable it is to take care of the unions, especially in gubernatorial elections.  Lets be fair to all but really fair to our most reliable voting block.

It is plain that Obamacare will be very expensive, it is a government program after all. It will be a strain on the medical business. Care will most likely be rationed.  Decisions will have to be made regarding who gets help.  Sarah Palin in her own special, insightful way was right.

The potential set of regulations is already up to 13K pages.  That is roughly equal to the tax code. We know how fair and straight-forward that little jewel is. Obamacare has already exploded like a giant infected pustule and we are just getting started.

What is the motivation behind Steil’s (a Republican) support of Health Care 4 All PA? Supposedly it is his small business owner disgust with rising healthcare costs and inability to deal with providers. Being a Republican state representative, in PA no less, he should know government meddling in the market has more to do with high cost than anything else.


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