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What 9/11 Hath Wrought and What to Do About It

Posted by Martin C. Fox on September 11, 2012

I have always been of the mind that the reason we are in Iraq is oil and oil pipelines. Initially we were told we had to capture the weapons of mass destruction. When the public discovered there were no WMDs the reason changed to freeing the people from their yoke. We are performing our divine duty bestowing the nation with democracy they don’t want. The building of the world’s largest embassy with thousands of soldiers renamed as security personnel tells us our stay is not temporary. The measure of our success is that the embassy is self-contained as venturing out without sufficient troops security personnel for a newspaper could well result in a horizontal flight home. Even Allen Greenspan admits oil is why we went to Iraq.

If only he was as forthcoming about the Fed.

It wasn’t many months ago it was “discovered” that Afghanistan is quite rich in oil, gold and other minerals. What luck! Who knew. The government did. As Wesley Clarke admits the plans for invading the Middle East were in place long before 9/11. Whether or not you believe the US or Israel knew ahead of time about the 9/11 attack it was never-the-less made in heaven for the takers and empire builders. The grand freedom and democracy plan is turning the region into a bigger hotbed of hate than it already was. Iraq and Afghanistan are teaming with America hating ethnic groups and warlords now battling for power. The governments emerging from the Arab Spring are Sunni, Islamist and detest the West. We helped create Al Qaeda (Mujahadeen) to fight the Russians in Afghanistan, fought them after 9/11 and are now funding their battle in Syria through Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

What a mess.

I have little faith the situation will improve with Obama or Romney. Both are big government and will do the military industrial complex’s bidding. The only difference is Obama is in no hurry to invade Iran while Romney is an Israel-Firster chomping at the bit to lick Benjamin Netanyahu’s boots.

Thanks to our government, your Congresspersons, Bin Laden’s 9/11 project is a success. Congress has given the president the power to assassinate anyone he chooses anywhere. We have the billion plus dollar Utah ‘Fusion Center” that can record all our emails, phone calls and web searches. Don’t forget drones, militarized police, facial recognition, a surveillance environment, TSA feelups and an FBI that creates and “discovers” its own terror plots. The DHS gave itself a billion plus rounds of ammo. They are doing it all for you. 1984 arrived late but it has arrived.

It won’t matter much whether Obama or Romney wins in November. War, empire, more taxes and more Big Brother versus war, empire, more debt and more Big Brother, that is the choice. Neither exhibits any novel economic insight. Jobs are a ways off for either thanks to the Fed and their bankster friends. War and FEMA detention camps aren’t.

Our best hope was Ron Paul. It is getting late for a third party run announcement. Lacking that I will be voting for Libertarian Gary Johnson.

Take a stand and vote for a strong DEfense, peace and freedom. It may be our last chance.

Be seeing you


One Response to “What 9/11 Hath Wrought and What to Do About It”

  1. Mike Rowley said

    Could the events on 9-11 have been an inside job to ramp up support for the excursions into war? But of course the Military and Intelligence Establishment would never do anything like that, would they?
    Or would they? The ultimate political Insider Franklin Roosevelt claimed that nothing in politics ever happens by accident. That it would have been planned that way. He should know. He let the attack on Pearl Harbor happen. Whenever something on the scale of an act of war takes place, one has to ask, “Who benefits”

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