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Who Gives Its People a Fair Chance? Afghanistan Does

Posted by Martin C. Fox on September 20, 2012

The last two administrations have turned the US into a Bizarro world. Bad is good, war is peace, shredding the Constitution is freedom, censorship is free speech. We have reached a new low, but probably not the bottom. While one of the most backward, corrupt countries is possibly on the way to its old self of a thousand years ago. The Middle East was, in general, the leader in art, science, education and justice when Europe was wallowing in poverty, ignorance and disease. We may be coming full circle.

We now have ever growing government surveillance of movement and electronic communication of US citizens at home. FEMA is constructing detention camps, the DHS and other sundry domestic agencies are procuring billions of rounds of ammunition. Congress has allowed the president to detain anyone, anywhere indefinitely and without representation or charge. This last point in the form of the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) is anathema to Judge Katherine Forrest of Southern New York and…the Afghan government! The concept of due process is held in higher regard in Afghanistan and by, no kidding, Hamid Kharzai. Afghanistan fights FOR their citizen’s rights. See here.

Be seeing you.


One Response to “Who Gives Its People a Fair Chance? Afghanistan Does”

  1. Mike Rowley said

    We got to get rid of any regimes that may be reluctant to go along with the New World Order Agenda, like Syria’s. After we get tribal morons with a 7th century mind set, we can control and exploit any natural resourses. Of course if they object, we can kill whoever needs it with the ever improving Homicide Drones. Kharzai had better invest in a Villa on the Riveria if he wants to survive America’s departure which I’m sure will be be real soon now. The USA is on the road to becoming a replica of the new South Africa. A First World country turned into a Second World country. I think the vision of our future is crystal clear.

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