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The NeoCON and Israeli Threat To World Peace

Posted by M. C. on October 12, 2012

Anyone that pays attention has noticed the familiarity of the cries. Iraq has this and will do that. Just substitute Iran. Our own national intelligence estimates and the IAEA say Iran has abandoned the nuke arms race 11 years ago. Iran is a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.  They are subject inspection.  Israeli does not admit to being a nuclear power, has not signed the NNPT and allows no inspection.  Israel is the nuclear threat.The war party, however, does not let facts get in the way of what they want.  Our foreign policy has been run by a group bent on turning the Middle East into a giant puppet state. Our War Department being the enforcer.  Two of the main culprits in this drama were and are Irving and William Kristol. The latter of the Weekly Standard. The former one of the original ramrods for the creation of the state of Israel. Oil, oil pipelines and empire are the reasons. Israel was a handy tool. Now they want US to be their tool.  Read this three-part history here, here and here and learn of the dangers posed by the Kristols, our elected and unelected officials as well as “our friend” Israel.

If you are an inquiring mind read more here about how Israel operates in the US.

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5 Responses to “The NeoCON and Israeli Threat To World Peace”

  1. Mike Rowley said

    The Vampire State of Israel will suck America into their war with Iran regardless which Zionist shill becomes President.The blood of Americans is to be sacrificed once again for their parasitic goal of expanding their borders and influence. Americans may not actually set foot in Israel, but the potential blow-back across the World impacting Americans will be enormous. The Zionist Occupation Government, that has controlled Washington for decades is awaiting their instructions. Romney and Ryan appear to be trying to out do one another in their groveling allegience to serve Israeli interests. Obama, although outwardly reluctant to commit to Israel, will be compelled to, to keep the support of the Zionist money machine.

  2. With each passing day the Islamic Republic is inching closer to a nuclear weapons capability. Just last month the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) published a report detailing the tremendous progress Iran has made in its quest for nuclear weapons. Since May, the regime has doubled the centrifuges at its nearly impregnable Fordow facility from 1,064 to 2,140. It has produced 418 pounds of 20-percent enriched uranium—nearly doubling the quantity since January. And Iran has produced more than 15,000 pounds of low-enriched uranium, enough to fuel five bombs if further enriched.

    • I hope the IAEA is more accurate about Iran than they were when whitewashing Fukashima. Next time I want a UN/Soros approved, NWO compliant report on Iran’s nuke program I will check with the IAEA. Our own national intelligence estimates say Iran quit working nuke bombs in ’03. I am more worried about Israel/AIPAC. They don’t admit to their stockpile and haven’t signed the NNPT as has Iran. If Netanyahu can’t get Obama to go to war… You better hope Romney is elected. Romney will do as he is told.

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