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If You Had Any Doubts About FEMA Camps…

Posted by M. C. on October 7, 2012

When Jesse Ventura talks about FEMA camps for domestic dissidents, you think twice.  I mean Jesse Ventura, what does he know?  When you read this about how the military is soliciting bids for helmet systems that can be easily modified for Homeland Security operations, you will think a third time.  Note this about US military doing domestic crowd “control”.  The Posse Comitatus Act, contrary to poplar belief, does not strictly prohibit this.  But then congress and the president don’t let trivialities like law or the Constitution stand in their way.  Next time you see a military person thank them for their service then ask what they will do when they are ordered to send innocent citizens to prison camps.

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One Response to “If You Had Any Doubts About FEMA Camps…”

  1. Mike Rowley said

    The Constitution is now just a meaningless word. Mostly it’s brought up by vermin bureaucrats and politicians to placate the the few who still believe in it. The Courts don’t follow the Constitution any longer. Presidents ignore it, instead governing by Executive Order when it gets in the way. Congress forgot about it a hundred years ago when it gave away it’s Constitutional authority to the Federal Reserve. The Constitution only means anything to a few who are considered to be terrorists these days. These troublesome relics are to be consigned to the FEMA Camps probably after a few False Flag Ops are carried out. The evidence is abundant. I expect the round-ups will begin sometime in 2013 by Executive Order. The heavy duty extra large grave liners are stacked and waiting for those that are particuarly troublesome to the regime.

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