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Toomey Votes Against UN Disabilities Act – Smart (for him) Move

Posted by M. C. on December 14, 2012

Erie Times letter writer chides Senator Toomey for voting against the UN Disabilities Act.

First things first.  Making life easier for those with disabilities is a good thing.  We don’t need laws to get that done.  When businesses realize they are losing out when disabled can’t access their facility changes will happen.  It happened in PA with respect to smoke free businesses well before it was law.

It is not the place of the US to butt into other countries business and tell them how to operate.  Most of the world hates our guts because of our empire building, remote control bombing and general interference.  Foreign aid and other “help” usually has strings attached that counter-act the aid, such as being required to purchase arms, allow a military base or spill bank records.

The UN is a poor vehicle for anything constructive.  Recent administrations have gone to the UN for “approval” of the war du jour instead of Congress.  Why the UN?  There are many, George H.W. Bush, Clinton and Obama, that want to see a one world, UN run government.  This is an incremental step in that direction.  This is the admitted goal of Council on Foreign Relations member David Rockefeller of Tri-lateral commission and Bilderburg group fame.  The UN small Arms reduction treaty, for example, is expected to contain language limiting or eliminating the small arms in American gun cabinets.  If the Senate approves, the Constitution is overridden.  The main enabler is George Soros.  I heard a lot about the Koch brothers this year but nothing about Soros.  His expenditures for liberal/progressive New World Order causes make the Koch brothers look like pikers.  When you hear words like Soros, UN, CFR, Agenda 21 and “sustainability” think about a Liberian UN cop arresting your US citizen neighbor and taking him to a kangaroo World Court for burning real charcoal in his grill.  Laugh now, you won’t later.   The New World Order is about massive lifestyle changes, particularly in the US.  A ball and chain applied to the west so the third world can overtake us, at our expense.  Imagine life as described in Asimov’s “Caves of Steel”.

All via the UN.

The UN is really bad news.

So is using it to dictate to others.

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