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Big Shop of Horrors-I Need More Money!-A Selection From Salvos Against the New Deal

Posted by Martin C. Fox on December 16, 2012

I am currently reading “Salvos Against the New Deal” a collection of Garet Garrett’s Saturday Evening Post’s articles. Garrett was a staunch critic of the New deal. “A Washington Errand” relates to a number of our current issues. Big government, out of control spending and decimation of the Constitution. I quote:

With this natural law in mind, turn now and look at the principal governments of the world…

They are extending their powers to the utmost.

…they are limiting the areas of human freedom, for no government can in any way extend its powers over people but to limit freedom.

…they sweat with the conviction of doing to people what is best for them.

…they are pressing for sovereign power, above any law, beyond any restraint.

…they are amoral, which is to say, whatever they do is right.

…they claim the power to dispose of private wealth.

…but a government to extend itself, must command money-more and more money.

…all alike, they are resolved to dominate economic forces.

Garrett, in “Fifth Anniversary N.D.”, describes something of which I was never taught. While the 1929 depression was a world-wide event, by 1938 most of the world was on its way up. Industrial production for most countries was above 1928 levels, except for the US and a few European countries. The return to depression in the late 30’s was primarily a US phenomena. It was more severe than in 1929 in some respects.

So much for the prelude to Keynesian economics, which is how I view the new deal. Government can’t control the economy. Manipulate yes, but control implies, well…control, which can’t be done.

But as good Libertarians we already knew that.

Republicans will give on high income tax rates. Dems will agree to cut something but not defense. A facade of saving will be presented but it will be a lie. Cuts will be on projected increases, not current expenditures.  Empire building will continue unabated. Big government demands more money, more control. All for our own good whether we like it or not. That is what government is all about.

The $202T 75 year entitlement deficit will not be spoken about.

Most of the sheeple will stay fat, dumb and happy knowing “free” government stuff will keep flowing.

I highly recommend Salvos Against the New Deal.

I highly recommend Mises.organd their selection of literature, some free.

No government, like no news, is good government.

Be seeing you


One Response to “Big Shop of Horrors-I Need More Money!-A Selection From Salvos Against the New Deal”

  1. Mike Rowley said

    Republican traitors will cave to the demands of Bojangles Obama and the Democrat traitors. Republican traitors never met a war they did’nt fall in love with. The traitor Democrats will continue to promote the “Browning” of North America and the complete destruction of Anglo Saxon culture. The Culture of Death has corrupted the soul of America. The sound of the Jungle is the death knell of the future.

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