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Sandy Hook Will Not Be a “Wasted Opportunity”

Posted by M. C. on December 20, 2012

The cause and probable effects of the Sandy Hook/Newtown disaster is summarized as well as I have seen here.

There are so many associated issues.

Most are the result of government sponsored violence:

Foreign wars and empire building making the US the enemy of the world.

Remote control killing making the US the enemy of the world.  Anesthetizing us to government sponsored violence.  Killing with no casualties on our side.  Ain’t life a dream?  Has your militarized police department purchased its fleet of drones yet?

Destruction of Constitutional rights-communication privacy, unlawful search and seizure, elimination of due process making the US citizen the enemy.  I wonder.  When I send an email who gets it first?  The intended recipient or Janet Napolitano?

Obama’s memorial speech was an obvious political opportunity and show of power.He kept a memorial service waiting two hours.  How caring and thoughtful.  We can remote control bomb from half a world away but we can’t get the President to Connecticut on time!  He had his business card on the front of the podium.  When was the last time you saw that at a funeral service?  A poorly faked tear from his single functional tear duct.  A short oration on his sorrow for 20 US children.  Nothing for the thousands of children killed in the Middle East nor for the children now officially fair game for drone strikes.  This was a show staged to tell us, I am the president, I am the power, only ME and MY government can save you from yourself.  The problem is… government is the problem.

Nothing said by the president nor the press about the raft of contradicted statements that were just dropped down the memory hole.  The press has been their usual subservient, obedient self.

Nothing said about the slew of pharmaceuticals with suicidal side effects being pumped into the children.  Obama’s Psycho quack and Big Pharma partners are even now swarming around the children.  Any normal emotion is now a problem with a 25 cent name.  Heard about the new DSM-5 psychiatric handbook?  If a psychiatrist was a tax lawyer it would be the equivalent of the tax code.  No worries.  There is a $25 pill for every 25 cent name.

Nothing said about the violent games, movies and glorification of government’s remote control killing.  Obama’s Hollywood and military contractor pals wouldn’t like that.

Nothing related to the obvious question-Why after 400 years of gun ownership are these horrible things happening now?  Hint- see the points mentioned above.  See this.  And this.  When I was in high school we had a hunting and fishing club.  You threw your rifle or shotgun in the trunk and hunted before and/or after school.  The only gun violence that affected us came from Viet Nam.  Progressive/New World Order worshippers hate gun ownership because it inhibits people ownership.

This is the “don’t waste an opportunity” administration.  The end game is progressive government, progressive is code for control – of everything and everybody.  Sandy Hook is for the Progressive in Chief merely an opportune step towards the transfer of control to New York City.  I am sure Bloomberg would happily re-name the street the UN resides to Pennsylvania Avenue.

Be seeing you

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