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Another DHS “Exercise” Planned: The Risk of Terrorism Drills Becoming Reality | The Daily Bell

Posted by M. C. on March 27, 2017

Even more concerning is that the security exercises increasing target “home grown terrorists” and “right wing extremists.”
Seems to me like left wingers are the extreme ones.

Watertown was basically shut down by martial law in order to search for the suspect. People in the town were forced from their homes at gun point, before their houses were raided and searched. This was done without warrants, or probable cause, because a dangerous criminal was loose in the area. Read the rest of this entry »

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San Bernardino-Remember The Third Man?

Posted by M. C. on December 16, 2015

There was a fourth Soviet spy in the sieve that was MI 5 during and after WWII. Kim Philby was the spy in charge of MI 5. Guy Burgess and Donald McLean were his minions. Anthony Blunt confessed to being the “fourth man”.

Moviedom has its Third Man. Orson Wells in the movie (bad dude) and Michael Rennie in the short lived TV show (cool dude).

San Bernardino has its third man (bad dude)…or had.

Here are first hand accounts of their being a third shooter, one via NBC news. This third man has disappeared faster than Harry Lime down a manhole.

I can’t wait for the “conspiracy nuts” to fire up their websites. Like the rifle that supposedly mowed down kids in Sandy Hook and subsequently found in a car trunk…somethin’ just ain’t right.

Be seeing you

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Does The Erie-times News Think We Are That Stupid/Senator Casey Flips Over Nagging Wife

Posted by M. C. on December 23, 2012

The Erie Times editorial of 23 Dec advocates more gun control laws in the wake of Sandy Hook.  No surprise there, they are an anti-gun paper.

Pat Cuneo is the editorial voice. ’nuff said?

The mainstream media and government is concentrating on gun control. To paraphrase myself in the last post, we had a high school hunting club where many brought rifles and shotguns to school, hunting before and after school. The only gun violence we heard about was massacres in Viet Nam.

 What is different now?

Alternative media, primarily Libertarian and paleo-conservative, have the same question and are looking elsewhere. Violent movies, violent computer games, the psychiatry biz and their friends the pharmaceutical industry.

How many of these whackos are on a mental health drugs that makes them kill crazy?

Why isn’t the Times addressing this?

The paper advised us to vote for a progressive, corporatist, anti-capitalist candidate in Obama. The logical extension is this is the Times agenda also. You say “but the Times accepts gun sales advertising and has a hunting column”. That non-sequitur can be explained.

Money. Read the rest of this entry »

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Sandy Hook Will Not Be a “Wasted Opportunity”

Posted by M. C. on December 20, 2012

The cause and probable effects of the Sandy Hook/Newtown disaster is summarized as well as I have seen here.

There are so many associated issues.

Most are the result of government sponsored violence:

Foreign wars and empire building making the US the enemy of the world.

Remote control killing making the US the enemy of the world.  Anesthetizing us to government sponsored violence.  Killing with no casualties on our side.  Ain’t life a dream?  Has your militarized police department purchased its fleet of drones yet?

Destruction of Constitutional rights-communication privacy, unlawful search and seizure, elimination of due process making the US citizen the enemy.  I wonder.  When I send an email who gets it first?  The intended recipient or Janet Napolitano?

Obama’s memorial speech was an obvious political opportunity and show of power. Read the rest of this entry »

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